Goo Hye Sun Updates Minihompy

Goo Hye Sun has updated her minihompy today at around 10:20am (KRT)!

She posted pictures of her together with her first-directed full-length movie “Magic” filming crew with title subjects such as “Wishing “Magic” will do the best keke”, “keke “Magic” group cut ^^” etc.

The post production of “Magic” should be completed by now. Wishing Goo PD-nim all the best in “Magic”! Her movie will premiere from April 22.

(credit –

A cute picture of Goo Hye Sun together with main actors Im Ji Gyu (left) and Kim Jeong Wook (right) ^^

More pictures of Goo Hye Sun with “Magic” filming crew:


5 Responses

  1. love the weird faces!!!!!

  2. do you have any news about goo hye sun? does she have a twitter too?

  3. Making faces made it more relaxed and fun!!!

  4. i just notice that Hye Sun has her own ways of making other people feel at ease/comfortable with her company..
    love the funny pics esp. w/ the 2 main casts of the movie..
    thanks sha..

  5. ha..ha…
    so sweet,,
    good luck 4 Magic!!
    wanna watch it!!

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