Korea Buzz – Kim Bum Revealed on His Close Friends Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho

(Translated from 스타뉴스) Actor Kim Bum has gave out a mature man’s charisma.

Kim Bum undergoes a pictorial interview with fashion magazine “Elle Girl” and has displayed deeper eye expressions and has shown his maturity beauty.

Starting his debut from MBC daily sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick” as “Ha Sook Bum” to KBS 2TV “Boys over Flowers” and to the recent MBC “The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry”, Kim Bum has grown up to a “man”.

Kim Bum has revealed his close friends Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho through “Elle Girl” interview.

He said, “Looking back now, it is a bit funny. The matter on who started his debut first. It is because they will have a heat argument with one another on such a matter. And now, we are very important brothers and friends to each other.”

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Love their bubbly brother-ship & friendship~! ^^

2 Responses

  1. long live brothership! ❤
    lee il bum fighting!!


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