Korea Buzz – “Cinderella Sister” Won #1 Viewership on First Broadcast

(Translated from 서울신문) “Cinderella Sister” drama is at all smiles.

The showdown of 3 new Wednesday-Thursday dramas took place yesterday. KBS2 “Cinderella Sister” took on the #1 place on viewership.

On March 31, “Cinderella Sister”, MBC “Personal Taste” and SBS “Prosceutor Princess” has their first broadcast together in line. “Cinderella Sister” which is at the center of many’s anticipation has defeated the other two production works and went up to the #1 place.

According to the total viewership results from AGB Nielsen company on April 1 , the figures shown “Cinderella Sister” has 15.8% record, “Personal Taste” has 12.5% record and “Prosecutor Princess” has 8% record. 

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)


6 Responses

  1. EVERYBODY fighting!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Well, if LMH was paired up with GHS, the rating would explode!!!!

  3. I totally agree w/u Chubby…. great chemistry = huge explosion. Hope to see them acting tog again.

  4. The actress here, who plays the leading lady of Lee Min Ho, i don’t think looks the same age of Lee Min HO, he is 22 years old, his partner is almost thirty right! What’s this TV series, younger brother and older sister romance! Nge! Where’s the chemistry?

  5. Does Son Ye JIn really thinks that she has a younger face like the age of Lee MIn HO, 22 years old? I think she should think again! She looks her age THIRTY YEARS OLD! i really don’t see the chemistry! i think they are not good together!

  6. I think this TV series, is May-December affair or romance, the actor really looks younger and the actress really looks older!

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