Korean Movie – “Magic” Opens in Cinemas on April 22

During late March, Gongjunim has blogged that Goo Hye Sun updated her minihompy and that her first full-length movie will be releasing on April 22. You can read it here. The Korea media has also confirmed on the movie release recently. 

(Translated from Y-STAR) Goo Hye Sun who has received recognition for her talents in directing through her first short film “The Cheerful Caretaker” (“The Madonna”) which is released in 2008, has confirmed the release date for her first full-length movie “Magic” (Production: YG Entertainment │ Distribution: CJ Entertainment │ Director: Goo Hye Sun │ Main Cast: Kim Jeong Wook, Im Ji Gyu, Seo Hyun Jin).

The background setting of Goo Hye Sun’s first full-length movie “Magic” is an arts school. The movie story arises with young musicians and their passion and struggle towards music. And the movie shows the beautiful reflection of the complicated love triangle and mysterious music is depicted inside too.

This time, Goo Hye Sun who played 3 roles from scenario writing, directing to music composing in the making of this movie, has created a big topic even before the actual release of the movie. You can catch Goo Hye Sun’s first directed full length movie “Magic” in coming April 22.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

“Magic” VIP premiere is set to be held on April 12 afternoon~! Hwaiting~! <33333 ^^

Before the movie officially releases, let’s listen again to her movie background song!

Goo Hye Sun “골목을 돌면” (“Around the Alley”):

(video credit: 202Nanonine202)


4 Responses

  1. COOL! Thanks for sharing, Gongjunim ^^ Hope that it will turn out good. Praying Hard For Her<3 😀

  2. That’s great—best of luck to GHS!!!! Hopefully she can charm the viewers.

  3. Good Luck. May success be with you PD-nim.

  4. wow thats great ….im longing to see her movie.hyesunshi figting!!!

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