Korean Movie – Goo Hye Sun’s “Magic” VIP Premiere

The VIP premiere for Goo Hye Sun’s first directed full-length movie “Magic” will be held tomorrow (April 12, Monday). Gongjunim is getting excited now. ^^ In here, I wish “Magic” will be a daebak (대박 – “a hit”)! It is said that the premiere may be held at CGV Wangsimni, Seoul. Gongjunim will be blogging more on the movie VIP premiere tomorrow. If you wish to know which artistes will be gracing the VIP premiere event, stay tuned to Gongjunim! ^^

The movie will be officially open on April 22! Do not miss Hye Sun’s “Magic”! ^^

Once “Magic” is officially open on April 22, Goo Hye Sun will be leaving for Japan the following day to attend “Boys over Flowers” Last Graduation events (April 24 + 25) held in Yokohama. The other artistes who will attending are Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, T-Max, SHINee and f(x).

(credits – gongjunim.wordpress.com, hanadan-k & brokore)

Hye Sun fighting~! <333333 ^^


12 Responses

  1. Let’s pray that there’ll be magic to surprise the “MAGIC”.
    To HS, good luck to you, may you achieve the goal of your dream. May success be with you with lots & lots of love from everyone. God bless you. HS fighting!!!
    Thanks Gongjunim, for sharing.

  2. Wish Hye Sun good luck on her Magic movie premier tomorrow. And wish her movie a sure HIT. God be with her.

  3. hello sha ^__^

    thanks so much..will be waiting for your added info on VIP Premiere..

    Good Luck to Hye Sun & “Magic” !!!

  4. It’s April 12th at night. I haven’t heard any news about this VIP premiere…So courious

  5. Thanks for posting n’ lets hope the move does well!

  6. thank for your post ^^
    it ‘s 13th in korea, but we havent got any news about the VIP premiere, it was exactly held on 12th ???
    i’m so curious now
    hope to see the information about the premiere on your bolg tomorrow
    Magic fighting! HS fighting!

  7. sha unnie thanks for this info.. at least now it is clear to us that today is indeed the VIP premiere. Let’s just wait for some updates about it.. I’m so excited who has attended the premiere. I hope Hye Sun’s MAGIC will be a hit!. Sunnies fighting!! 🙂

  8. Oh I’ve just read your chat in GHS fc spazz box.. So it is really true that the premiere will not be held anytime soon.. Thanks unnie for clarifying this to us. Finally it is now clear to us.. So let’s wait for june 2010 for the Magic’s premiere. 🙂

  9. salamat naging inspirasyon k kayo

  10. gagawin ko ang ginawan nyo pangako gusto ko maging artista katulad nyo lalong lalo na c goo hye sun

  11. excited for “Magic” movie of Koo Hye-sun, hope that Lee MIn-ho will attend the premiere night! Gud luck!

  12. Good luck to Koo Hye-sun! we hope that this movie will be a big hit and will be attended by BOF CASTS including Lee Min-ho! More power! Me miss you so much! We hope after this movie you will do a TV series with Lee MIn-ho!

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