Korea Buzz – TaecYeon Makes His First Appearance at “Cinderella Sister”

(Translated from 마이데일리) TaecYeon who has transformed into a actor is finally going to make his appearance in drama “Cinderella Sister”.

In the coming episode 5 of  “Cinderella Sister” which is going to air on April 14th at 9:55pm, TaecYeon is going to make his appearance as the grown-up of the character “Jung Woo”. For the sake of finding “Eun Joo” (Moon Geun Young’s role), he has went to “DaeSung ChamDooKa” (the place where “Eun Joo” works at).

During younger days, the character of “Jung Woo” has commanded splendid accent (saturi). For the sake of his character as “Jung Woo”, TaecYeon has also received personal tutorial from 2PM’s members JunSu and WooYoung who are born from Gyeongsang-Do. It has shown that TaecYeon shown passion towards his first acting debut.

On the other hand, “Cinderella Sister” which has kept a highest record of 18.0% viewership ratings (based from TNms) on its episode 4, may have a breakthrough of 20% viewership ahead.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

“Cinderella Sister” Episode 5 Preview:

(video credit – MsOnlybobo)


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  1. hahaha! I can’t wait to hear more of taecyeon’s saturi accent! CS hwaiting!!! this drama is awesome!!

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