Korea Buzz – Who is Voted as Korea’s Best Looking Male and Female at Ipoll?

(Translated from 세계일보) Nation’s biggest online voting site (www.ipoll.kr) operates by using the method of netizens’ votes directly while having big match battle game within the idol groups itself. The popular singers inside the big match battle which have started include Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, SS501, Wonder Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2PM, SHINee etc. You can catch the popular singers, various dramas and entertainment programmes etc at a single glance. This voting site is purely started by netizens’ questions and voting is done through a clear and honest form.

The poll which is on-going currently is “Korea’s Best Looking Male and Female TOP100”. Netizens will decide and vote for the most popular Best Looking Male and Female and the voting will be from 2010 March 22 to 2010 April 25.  

The popular stars who received overwhelming votes under the Best Looking Male candidates include Lee Seung Gi, 2PM’s Park JaeBum, Jang Geun Suk, Min Kyung Hoon, Song Seung Hun etc. The Best Looking Female candidates who are undergoing tremendous voting now include Goo Hye Sun, Sun Ye, So Hee, Lee Hyori, Eugene etc. 

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

If you wish to vote for Goo Hye Sun, you can come here.
The voting will end by April 25th at 2300hrs (KRT).

Goo Hye Sun~! And Lee Seung Gi~! Fighting~! <33333333 ^^

6 Responses

  1. hi! i wonder why lee min ho is not in the list? am sad….

  2. but am so happy goo hye sun is there…fighting!

  3. sooooo happy that goo hye sun is first
    lee min ho is also there, you must visit
    http://ipoll.kr/d.asp?n=RInd ” to vote for them

  4. really love to vote but i can’t understand.it’s written in Korean.somebody help me!

    • oh, there’s this little ‘+0’ sign at the top of the right-hand corner. Keep clicking it and the number will keep increasing. (The max is 200) Then after clicking it, click the ‘+’ little, grey, oval button at the side. The votes are submitted. Far as I know, there seems to be no limited polls you can do per day 😀 Just in case you need the link:


      Oh, BTW, you got to use Internet Explorer. I kept using Safari but it always can’t load until another HS fan told me to use IE XDDD

      Al The Best To Hye Sun Onnie~! ^^

  5. i want koo hye-sun to win this poll! she is the best looking female in Korea!

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