Korea Buzz – Lee Min Ho, “I Feel Uncomfortable so I Rejected Filming Offer on Goo Hye Sun’s Movie”

(Translated from 아시아경제) Actor Lee Min Ho has revealed on the filming offer by Goo Hye Sun, who was also his partner together for drama “Boys over Flowers”, for her first debut directed movie. This gained many glances.

On MBC “Section TV Entertainment News” which is broadcasted on April 23th, Lee Min Ho was being asked a question on whether Goo Hye Sun who has debuted as a full-length movie director has offered him any filming proposal for her movie. Lee Min Ho replied with smile saying, “Though there was a filming offer, as we were partners in a drama before, I feel uncomfortable as I have to meet Goo Hye Sun as a director-actor so I rejected it.”

And also, when asked on the question on complex, Lee Min Ho replied, “I gain weight from face onwards.”

On the other hand, Lee Min Ho who filmed MBC drama “Personal Taste” with Son Ye Jin was being asked on “Lee Min Ho’s Personal Taste”.  He said, “I have a side which I will fall into people’s charisma.” He added on, “I will only fall for the kind of person who has extraordinary and pure charisma.”

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Lee Min Ho at MBC “Section TV Entertainment News”:

(video credit – 1313meow)

13 Responses

  1. Don’t you think that maybe he has found his ideal girl already, an extraordinary & pure charisma……… Good Luck MH in your future REAL partner.
    Big thanks Sha for the updates.

  2. whoah! minho is so goo jun pyo! i think i know someone who has that extraordinary and pure character. ahh… yes…it’s geum jan di! yay! lee min ho and goo hye sun fighting!

  3. I wonder if GHS meant it as a joke when she asked him to be in her movie bcuz whenever I see them together (off screen) in interviews they both seem to joke around with each other alot.

  4. LMH responses were too childish!

    • i don’t think his behavior was childish…he’s just being honest. it’s for a personal reason why he refused her…hehe…and only he and GHS know about it…LOL!

  5. thanks for the updates…
    LMH is good in rejecting the offer to be directed by GHS
    because he will really feel uncomfortable directed by
    his LOVE ..what do you think.

    • i agree………..he really feel uncomfortable, coz hye sun is his love……….so shy………………..ha ha ha 🙂

      minho fighting!!!!!!!

  6. i just hope LMH and GHS will have other directors for their 2nd team-up if ever there is.
    thanks sonia for agreeing with me…
    thanks for the updates/
    GHS go fighting and you have made a very decision to be a director. you have my thumbs up.

  7. yeah…right! responses then…

  8. hyesun can handle directing a movie wid lee minho and we know that hyesun is older than lee minho and whos handling the relationship thats the question,for both of them they have there own decision so that lee refused 4 that offer but hyesun will be her boss if she will b the director my god can u imagine u will follow all what she will tell u to do hmm lee really challenge 4 u if u accept that offer .my boss my love my everything and my director of my heart ha!ha!ha!you are lucky lee if u are the man of kuhyesun a multide talented actress.love minsun….

    • very well said….
      i agree with you….
      they can’t concentrate if GHS will be directing for themselves,
      and for me it is better that way, it’s more romantic for both.
      Who knows what will be the next…
      minsun is a one in a lifetime partnership that it’s like tar it sticks in your heart and in your brain. Can’t get away with it.

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