Gongjunim Blog is 1 Year Old! ^^

Gongjunim Blog is 1 Year Old!


Gongjunim blog (Girl’s Paradise) is established for a year since April 19 2009~! In here, I want to thank all the readers for your continuous love and support. Without you, I won’t have moved on so far till now.


Gongjunim will continue to bring you more on Korean entertainment, travel and fashion news~! In here, I would to extend my sincerest heartfelt thanks to:

Minjee, Margaret, Aram, Bambi, Janey, Maple, Meow, Tracy, Regie, Shaz, Sas and many more etc….. Thank you for your trust in my blog constantly~ ^^ And not forgetting, thank you to Goo Hye Sun’s Korea fans~! 감사합니다~!

This banner above is specially made by Margaret for Gongjunim’s 1st year anniversary. These pictures are from some of my travel experiences in Korea. Thanks to Margaret for her design and efforts! ❤

I will share a series of my travel experiences in Korea in my upcoming post soon! Do not miss it~! I hope that I can continue to spread my love for KOREA~! 사랑해요~! ^^

Looking forward to Gongjunim blog’s 2nd year anniversary! ❤ ^^

9 Responses

  1. Time just flies Princess Sharon! I can’t believe that your blog has been around for a year already! Let year two, three, and eternity roll! Thank u for all of your hard work. U are sssssoooo loved <3!

  2. 언니~~ ♥
    블로그와 함께 축하드려요 ^^
    time sure does fly so fast, happy 1 year!!!
    그것은 최고의 블로그입니다! ㅎㅎㅎ
    this blog also build friendship between us & all the sunnies/minsun shippers internationally. I am happy to say that without this blog I wouldn’t get to meet a great friend but more of a true “언니” that will always be close to my heart♥ no matter how far we are from eachother.

    ♫ *plays the congratulations&celebrations song*♫

    ps. gee, U did great job with the banner as always!! 😉

  3. 因為hs+mh 認識了你,
    感謝你的分享 ,無數快樂的分享,謝謝你 好友~~

  4. 雪人、公主!! CONGRATULATION&CELEBRATION! ~weehee~ Happy 1st Birthday to Girl’s Paradise *almost paradise~~*♫
    ha. ha. ha. may you grow well in the upcoming years, decades&centuries . . .

    恭喜恭喜~~ 加油啦~韩文达人!!!
    打架 – 那个 . . . 麻烦您翻到韩文去 。。。


  5. congratulate your blog on being one year old * love *
    hope that you continue on supporting and updating all news about Minsun ^^
    hwatting !!

  6. congrat sharon.always love your blog!!


  7. congrats sharon.always love your blog!!


  8. oh really sha! wow that’s great! CONGRATULATIONS! my heart skips a bit you even mentioned me. what can i say? thank you too for the goodies here. opening your blog has already become my daily habit. i love it!

  9. Better late than never.
    Congratulation princess on your 1st blog anniversary of “Girl Paradise”. Since the day, I fell in love with your blog I’ve never missed to visit it everyday after work.
    Your blog had made us friends through out the globe esp to the MinSun shippers.
    Million thanks for the updating the latest news & pics, keep up your good & efficient work. Love U.

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