Korea Movie – “Magic” Characters Introduction

Due to special request from Aram (LolliDoAlittle), Gongjunim is going to translate the part on the introduction of characters of movie “Magic”.

Director Goo Hye Sun:

Born in 1984 at Incheon, Goo Hye Sun who debuted through CF in 2002 has received public attention through MBC <Non Stop 5>. And she filmed several dramas <Ballad of Suh Dong>, <Pure 19>, <Strongest Chil Woo> etc and accumulated wisdom along constantly. In 2009, through the role “Geum Jandi” at “Boys over Flowers”, she shot to stardom at a since leap. After she rose to stardom, she published her illustration fiction <Tango> and held her illustrations exhibition. She releases music album <Goo Hye Sun Sketch Collection – Breathe> where the songs kept inside are self composed by herself and she feels well on the release undoubtedly. She challenges on movie directing and she made her first short film <The Madonna>. She received success recognition for her debut challenge as her short film was awarded with “Best Audience Award” at the Pusan Asian International Film Festival. Her first full-length movie “Magic” is on glitteringly shining youth’s sensitivity and it is scheduled to be shown on screen.

Jung Woo – Kim Jeong Wook 

“In this world, there are things which I can carry with, there are things which I cannot hold on with as well…”

Jung Woo is a genius music student who has a perfect music pitch and a haggard character. Though it seems like he carries on with everything and is magnificent to every matter, he cannot make his confession to the person who he loves when comes to it. During the little time period left, he burned out all of his passion.

Ji Eun – Seo Hyun Jin

“Be it a mistake, be it a joke, it cannot be with me”

Ji Eun who receives Jung Woo and Myeong Jin’s love. She composes “Magic” (“YooSul”), the last song of the musical recital. She doesn’t shows her heart to any of the two of them easily.

Myeong Jin – Im Ji Gyu 

“To me as well… Can’t you give me the main musical score?”

Genius music student Jung Woo’s close friend. Though he is always hiding in obscurity, he has a strong passion towards music than anyone. While he is jealous of Jung Woo, he wishes to be the same like him too. Jung Woo and him together love Ji Eun.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

A spinning emotions-filled music movie~! Fighting~! <333333 ^^
After translating, my favourite character is Jung Woo~    

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  1. One, Thank you thank you thank you! U are a life saver and an ANGEL! Two, wow the descriptions in Korean are really intense… HS is really deep… a young Socrates. Three, you have heightened my excitement for this movie! There were some things that I couldn’t understand, but you cleared it up unnie! Thank YYYOOUUU!

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