Korea Buzz – Director Goo Hye Sun Debut Movie “Magic” Received Public Favor at First Screening in JIFF

(Translated from 아시아경제) Director Goo Hye Sun’s first full-length movie “Magic” is first revealed through JIFF (JeonJu International Film Festival) and she got all the attention to her as she is not “Actress Goo Hye Sun” but instead “Director Goo Hye Sun”.

During the period of The 11th JeonJu International Film Festival, Goo Hye Sun first directed full length movie “Magic” is released to the general public on May 1 afternoon and warm responses are raised at the event venue.  

After the preview, Director Goo Hye Sun and actor Im Ji Gyu also had a conversation session on the movie with the audience.

Goo Hye Sun whose face was flushed put on a heartwarming expression when fans shown passionate responses after watching the movie. She said, “Being able to screen at the film festival, I feel overwhelmed.” “Though it is on the cruelty of youth male and female, I wished to do a beautiful talk.” “Though it will be tough for the general public to absorb this, I chose to be boldly so I directed it.”

On his main character as Myeong Jin, Im Ji Gyu said, “Though this main role is fulled of shortcomings, and even though he received mistreatment, I think he is a person who carries confidence and practise.”

“Magic” will be released on coming June 24.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Fighting~! <33333 ^^

2 Responses

  1. am so happy for her! more power ms. goo! love u!

  2. HS PD-nim, Congrats on your success in ‘Magic” debut.
    We ‘sunnies’ around the globe will always love & support you.
    HS Fighting!!!
    Thanks princess for the update.

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