Korean Movie – “Magic”, “A Movie Which Shows The Director’s Sensitivity”

(Translated from 맥스무비, member reporter: Hyun Sun Hee)

Interview with Director Goo and Actor Im

Question: From acting, drawing, song composing to directing, I am curious on what is your ultimate final dream.

Goo Hye Sun: BiBimBap. (Laughters) My target is to live together with movies.

Question: What is your next work?

Goo Hye Sun: I am scheduling for a drama. For movie, I hope to introduce a movie like “Vampire”. And another is “Bat”.

Question: Was there any episode at the filming site?

Goo Hye Sun: When Im Ji Gyu came down with enteritis for the whole day, we rested for the day. The actors and staff went for a drinking session together and this is the matter which remained in my memory.

Question: How far to the extent can your drinking ability goes to?

Goo Hye Sun: Though I cannot drink very well, drinking session is good. People can talk together and side dishes (taken with wine) are good.   

Im Ji Gyu: Though drinking session is good, due to religion reasons, I cannot drink wine.

Question: Are there any diffculties to the actors from the director?

Im Ji Gyu: Though it is comfortable that the director does everything under her care, it seems rather burdensome to be left grazing there.

Question: It seems that you lost weight.

Im Ji Gyu: During the midst of filming, I came down with enteritis for the whole day and the movie cannot be filmed.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

The reviews to the movie are good. Hope to catch “Magic” soon~! <333333 ^^

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