Korea Buzz – Lee Seung Gi and Lee Teuk in Soccer Attire

(Translated from 스포츠코리아) “2010 Hyundai Sonata K-League” match between Suwon SamSung and DaeJeon Citizen took place today (May 5) afternoon at Suwon World Cup Stadium. Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Lee Seung Gi are being led out and walking to the stadium ground after the Children Day half-time event ends.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Seung Gi with his perfect smile:

Seung Gi’s priceless face expression ^^:

More photos of Lee Teuk and Lee Seung Gi at the Children Day event:

Both looked so cool~! <33333 ^^ Congrats to Lee Teuk for winning the ball rolling game! Lee Seung Gi is Jjang too~!
Happy Children Day to all Korean children~! ^^

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  1. Ah Seung Gi is so sweet! Also vury cute! Thanks 4 sharing the news Princess Sharon!

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