Korean Drama – SBS “Bad Guy” and “Coffee House” Teasers Revealed

SBS new upcoming dramas “Bad Guy” and “Coffee House” teasers are revealed~!

Both looks incredibly interesting. ^^

“Bad Guy” is set to air on May 26 onwards at 9:55pm (KRT) on every Wednesday and Thursday and “Coffee House” is set to air on May 17 onwards at 8:55pm (KRT) on every Monday and Tuesday.

(credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

“Bad Guy” drama teaser:

“Coffee House” drama teaser:

(videos credit – KMDb01 & YoonAOnly)


2 Responses

  1. ohhhh SBS!!! I might be watching Coffee House ^^ looks good and I like Eunjung! <33

  2. Kim Nam-Gil has so many fans here in the Philippines… and I am one of them! We are so impressed with how he portrayed “Bidam” in “Queen Seon Duk.” I am hoping to see more of his movies and television series, like his upcoming series Bad Guy.” I am excited to watch “Bad Guy,” but i think since it is yet to be shown there in Korea, it might take a little longer for “Bad Guy” to be shown here in the Philippines. Anyway, I hope Kim Nam Gil will visit our country, and I will be among the thousands of fans who will welcome him when he arrives here.

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