Korea Buzz – Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna To Do Duet Song

(Translated from 아시아경제) Top star Lee Seung Gi and ice skating queen Kim Yuna are to sing for a duet song insert for CF and it has created a topic.

On May 14, an official from Lee Seung Gi’s agency said, “Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna are going to sing a duet song for a CF. But as for the CM song procedure, the singing mixing is done separately for each.” “Both of them will not be doing the recording together.”

Both of them are carrying out the activity as the models for KB Financial Group and the song that both of them will be singing together will be “Smile Boy” which is kept inside Lee Seung Gi’s 3rd album. Though it is a solo track which is released previously by Lee Seung Gi, there will be new song arrangement to the track and it will be re-presented as a duet song with Kim Yuna. The song is scheduled to be released on coming May 24.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Let’s listen to Lee Seung Gi’s “Smile Boy” version for now~! ^^ :

(video credit – kriztah07)

Lee Seung Gi + Kim Yuna = Daebak~! Can’t wait for the duet song mix~! ^^

5 Responses

  1. Wow can’t wait to hear their song…….:)
    What a perfect duet .

  2. ah….i can’t wait for a duet song ^^
    thanks for the translation

  3. Kim Yuna… humm… I don’t know. She’s an ice skater… hhhuumm

    As for Seung Gi… heck yes! I am excited!

    Thanks for the news Princess Sha!

  4. oh sweet!!! kim yuna and seung gi! ^^

  5. excited to hear their song!

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