Korea Buzz – Who is Lee Seung Gi’s “Nine-Tailed Fox” Girlfriend?

(Translated from OSEN) The topic to singer and actor Lee Seung Gi’s “nine-tailed fox” girlfriend role is accumulating full interest.

Though it is happy that Lee Seung Gi has been early confirmed as the male lead for SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “My GirlFriend is Nine-Tailed Fox” which is going to be broadcasted in coming August, the situation for the female lead is “still in the state of hard work”.

On May 13 afternoon, during an interview with OSEN, the drama production Origin Factory’s representative Moon Suk Hwan said, “Though there are a few actress which are being named out and interest is gathering on them, up till now there is no confirmed actress.” “We have targeted the drama to be broadcasted in August, if it is fast, the decision of female lead will be finalised within next week.”

On the talk that Jeon Ji Hyun, Shin Se Kyung and 2NE1’s Sandara Park are widely speculated, Representative Moon Suk Hwan said on the unfixed situation, “On the case of Jeon Ji Hyun, though her name came out in the early phase, she won’t be filming ultimately.” “Shin Se Kyung is one of the actresses which we are currently discussing on.” “Currently, other than Shin Se Kyung, we have been in contact with some actresses as well.”

After that, Representative Moon said, “On the case of Sandara Park, we did not even have a discussion on her for once.” “And on the spread on her being the popular favor for the female lead is just a smoke screen.” “The truth to Sandara Park filming is groundless.”

“My GirlFriend is Nine-Tailed Fox” will broadcast after “Bad Guy” which airs after “Prosecutor Princess” completed.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

The final “Nine-Tailed Fox” Girlfriend is……?


5 Responses

  1. OMG as soon as I saw this article I sudddenly felt nervous….

  2. It doesn’t look like GHS is even being considered for the role unfortunately, it looks like they are going for a sexy actress. I definitely think GHS can pull off the role even if she is considered more of a cute actress than sexy. A good actress should be able of pull off any role given to her. Look at what she did with Jandi, she’s a shy person in real life but I would not have known it from her portrayal of Jandi.

  3. I just wish that Hyesun will get the role…Would be so nice on screen

  4. I just saw this post,but still,I wanna say something.Its very GREAT that SHIN MIN AH got the role,cos there’s NO OTHER GIRL WHO’L LO0K PERFECT TOGETHER WITH SEUNG GI,eventhough Min Ah’s 3yrs oldr than him.

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