Korea Buzz – Let’s Look for Lee Seung Gi’s Partner, Nine-Tailed Fox!

(Translated from 티브이데일리) The name to the female lead to Lee Seung Gi at SBS drama “My GirlFriend is Nine Tailed Fox” is still in a maze.

Gongjunim has summarised:

Why is it so hard to find the female lead?

1. The drama writers (Hong Sisters) places the female lead as the representative of the drama. (Hong Sisters’ usual style in drama scripting)

As the drama will obviously focus on more parts on the female character, it is hard to pick out so it will take more time. As it will definitely leave on certain impression through this strong character, the female lead will also need to see if she can fix in so there are two sides to look into.

2. To be partner with Lee Seung Gi.

Being able to tune in together with Lee Seung Gi is the most important.

Conclusion: The official from the drama production company, Origin Factory said, “There are many possibilities.” “We conduct audition with around 20 candidates per day.” “In order to judge for the person to fit in well for this role, we might even cast a newcomer.”

He added on, “As it is planned to be broadcasted in August, we still have time now.” “We will start our first filming in end June and we will go into the filming site in early July.” “We are expecting the casting to be completed by next week.”

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Who will be the female actress who will shine brillantly and act opposite together with Lee Seung Gi? Stayed tuned to Gongjunim blog! ^^


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