Korea Buzz – Goo Hye Sun to Appear in Kim Seung Woo’s “WinWin” Program

(Translated from KBS2 승승장구) The guest for Kim Seung Woo’s “WinWin” program this time. A beauty in every respect who transforms from an actress to a director! She is actress Goo Hye Sun who never stops her energy and keep moving up.

Please let us know what various questions you wish to ask her. We’ll let the viewers and everybody have the answers through the programme.

Kim Seung Woo’s WinWin <Very Special Project –  Let’s Meet Now!>

If actress Goo Hye Sun is to polish shoes at MyeongDong on May 25, what will you do together with Goo Hye Sun then?

You can either put “The work which you can do” or “The thing which you want to do” together with Goo Hye Sun!

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Gongjunim has gathered some cute questions and funny items (special project) which netizens put up:


What is your secret method to skin management? Unnie you are so pretty ><

Who is your ideal type, Goo Joon Pyo or Yoon Ji Hoo?

What does ulzzang means to you? (ulzzang – best looking face)

In YG Family, who are you most closest to with?

When selecting a production work, which parts do you consider most on?

Items submitted by netizens for <Very Special Project – Let’s Meet Now!>:

If Goo Hye Sun is to polish shoes at MyeongDong on May 25,

I will do Yoon JiHoo’s hair and play violin beside her.

I will do a drawing on the appearance of Goo Hye Sun’s polishing shoes.

I will whistle the songs in “Boys over Flowers” OST.

I will come out with Goo Joon Pyo’s hair and eat 10 cups of ramyeon.

I will take tear selca through handphone. (selca – self taken photos)

I will shave my hair and wear a priest’s clothes and hit a wooden gong.

They are so funny and creative~! ^^
Looking forward to Goo Hye Sun’s section at Kim Seung Woo’s WinWin!


7 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to watch Hyesun @ Win-win especially “keep the promise project” corner! ^^ Finally she’s guesting on this talk show! And knowing she’s good friends with Kim Seung Woo… I also love the netizens comments’ because it’s funny and silly at the same time! Well Hyesun better answer those questions! hahaha!! ^^ I shall be looking forward to watching this that’s for sure!! ^^


  3. Omo…It’s been a long time since we had much news of her on such entertainment shows… WOOTS~! Excited! ^^ Thanks for sharing =)

  4. I’m exited, 2 more days to the show. Can’t wait to hear her answer and to see her shy smile eap. when question relating to GJP…hahaha…
    TQ princess for the update.

  5. whoah! PT has ended for barely a week and BOF was a year ago but why are there still Qs about goo jun pyo? haha! could it be that GJD and GJP are really fated even in real life? i wish!!!

  6. whoah! PT has ended for barely a week and BOF was a year ago but why are there still Qs about goo jun pyo? hahaha! could it be that GJD and GJP are fated even in real life? i wish!!!

  7. It’s definitely been ages since GHS has been a talk show and playing a game. I can’t wait to see it!

    Thanks for the news princess!

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