Park Yong Ha, Please Rest in Peace

On June 30, we have lost an excellent Korean actor and singer, Park Yong Ha. It was said that he was found dead at home and reports said that it was due to suicide impulses.

Gongjunim was really affected by the shocked news and cannot believe it. Park Yong Ha was an outstanding actor and singer who I look upon to. Always.

And now, the sudden blow of this unfateful news shattered everything. No amount of tears can measure the pain of loss.

May Park Yong Ha rest in peace and be blessed always in the faraway land.

I will miss you and will treasure the album which you once hand autographed for me.

Your smile will always be kept in our hearts.

Goodbye and I salute to you.


Korea Buzz – Goo Hye Sun Starts The Opening of Baseball Game

(Translated from 마이데일리) Actress cum director Goo Hye Sun was doing the opening of the baseball match between Doosan Bears and KIA Tigers at “2010 CJ MaGoo MaGoo Pro Baseball” held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on June 25 evening.

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An energtic Hye Sun doing the starting:

Video on Goo Hye Sun at “2010 CJ MaGoo MaGoo Pro Baseball”:

(video credit – tungchipnho10a10)

Korea Tourism – A Trip to The Heart

(video credit – visitkorea)

KNTO (Korea National Tourism Organization) has recently released a Korea tourism video featuring one of Korean top male artiste, Lee Byung Hyun. 

The video topic is on a trip to the heart warming country, Korea. Inside the video, it covers several beautiful places in Korea including Hadong (which is famous for its green tea), Suncheon (which is famous for its agricultural scenes), Jeonju (which is famous for its bibimbap and their well-maintenance of Korea historical traditions), Gongju (which is famous for its history preserves from Baekje Kingdom).

The capital of South Korea, Seoul, was also covered inside and it featured several interesting places such as Seoul Tower, Garosu-gil (Sinsa-dong), Namdaemun Market, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gwanghwamun Plaza etc. At the last part, Banpo Bridge Laser Water Fountain (one of Seoul’s tourism highlights) was also being featured.

Overall, I really enjoyed the video presentation (You can refer to the English words below the video for translation). It shows the sensational, heartwarming and historical sides of Korea for others to discover~!

Come visit Korea now~! ^^

More Korea travel blog entries to come…… Stayed tuned ^^

Korea Buzz – Goo Hye Sun Selected as Model for SKY Smartphone

(Translated from 연합뉴스) Actress cum director Goo Hye Sun has been selected as the CF model for handphone brand SKY’s new smart phone “Yi Ja Reu” (“이자르”). It was revealed by the PR agency official on June 24.

The PR official said, “Goo Hye Sun who shown verstaile talents in movie production, song composition, illustrations etc suits the “Beauty and Smart” concept of our smartphone “Yi Ja Reu” which is only for women’s exclusive use.”

The official further revealed, “Goo Hye Sun who took part in the CF filming recently has gave out a mysterious and pure charisma in the fantasy atmosphere.”

This CF will be released on air from July 1 onwards.

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Looks so lovely~! ^^

Korea Buzz – Goo Hye Sun at “Gallery TLJ” Opening Ceremony Showcase

(Translated from 스타뉴스) Actress cum director Goo Hye Sun participated in the opening ceremony and showcase for gallery “Gallery TLJ” arranged for her at Seoul Gangnam-gu Tous Les Jours Sinsa outlet level 2 on June 23 afternoon.

“Gallery TLJ” is a gallery outlet which is appointed for Tous Les Jours’s CF model Goo Hye Sun who displayed talents in various fields such as movies, arts, music, literature etc.

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 Goo Hye Sun putting up her artwork:

Goo Hye Sun cutting the opening ceremony cake with Seo Hyun Jin:

Goo Hye Sun performing a mini acapella music concert showcase on her movie “Magic” with her band: 

Goo Hye Sun at “Gallery TLJ” Opening Ceremony Showcase:

(video credit – 1313meow)

Wishing “Magic” will be a big hit~! Fighting~!! ^^

Exclusive – Meet Lee Min Ho with the LG Optimus

Good news for all Lee Min Ho’s fans in Singapore!

Lee Min Ho will be visiting Singapore next month end for exclusive fanmeeting events with LG Optimus~!

A chance not to be missed for all fans~!

Please find event participation details as below: 

The above information is brought together by LG Optimus and Gongjunim blog.

Lee Min Ho on introduction of LG Optimus handphone:

(video credit – 1313meow)

Korea Buzz – Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah “My GirlFriend is Nine-Tailed Fox” Posters Revealed

(Translated from SPN) The posters for SBS new drama “My GirlFriend is Nine-Tailed Fox” featuring the main leads Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah are revealed.

Both Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah met at SBS Ilsan Production Centre on June 20 and the drama preview concept photoshoot is being carried out there.

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It looks like it is going to a real fun comedy~! Do not miss it~! ^^

Happy Birthday to Lee Min Ho! ^^

Wishes from Gongjunim…

Happy Birthday to Lee Min Ho!
May all your dreams come true and stay happy and healthy as always~! ^^
Shine and strive on with your determination~! ^^

생일축하해요~ 이민호씨~
모든 원하는 꿈이 이루어지고 늘 행복하고 건강 하길 바랄게요~!
계속 힘내세요~

“I Love You” (Piano Version) by Kim Woo Joo (the song frequently listened by Lee Min Ho now) :

Gongjunim’s favourite part of the lyrics:
“세상 끝까지 그대를 지키죠”
“Watching over you till the time the world ends”

(video credit – chickenfaceXD)

Korea Buzz – Goo Hye Sun’s Second Directed Movie? “Vampire’s Love”

(Translated from OSEN) Actress Goo Hye Sun who is actively involving in director works has revealed that after her first directed movie “Magic”, her next movie will be on vampire theme.

At a recent interview for movie “Magic” publicity taken at SamCheongDong, Goo Hye Sun has revealed saying, “I have completed the scenario for the second full-length movie a month ago.” “I am currently in the midst of doing amendments.”

She said, “This time I want to do something simpler so I did a theme on vampire.” “It will be an approach through simple sensitivity.” “It will be on a young teen girl who died and turned into a vampire.” “Though she lives together with us in the reality world, she is a vampire.”

“As she is a teen female vampire, her looks is only of a teenager and she always has an interest and she is always the first love to the person she meets.” 

On the question that she seems to be inserting “purity” in both her movies “Magic” and “Vampire” which she is currently preparing, she replied, “Other than I want to pursue purity, I want to come up with a movie on girls’ sensitivity just like Director Shun Oguri” “I like this kind of work piece.”

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Very inspirational~! Fighting~! ^^

Korea Music – Goo Hye Sun “Brown Hair” MV Revealed

The MV to Goo Hye Sun’s digital single “Brown Hair” is just released~!

Let’s take a look~! ^^

Goo Hye Sun’s “Brown Hair” MV:

(video credit – scsnow)