Korea Buzz – Lee Min Ho, “I Want A GirlFriend For Birthday Present”

(Translated from SPN) Actor Lee Min Ho who is going to turn 23 years old in coming June 22 has said that the birthday present which he wants to receive is “a girlfriend”.

On June 20 afternoon, “2010 The Special Day with Minoz” fanmeeting was held at KyungHee University Peace Hall. Before the event starts, Lee Min Ho held a press conference with the reporters. Being asked on the question on what present does he wish to receive for his birthday this year, he made this answer. 

When being asked on which style of girlfriend that he wishes to have, he said with laughters, “Now not only overseas travelling, I also want to do more travelling around Korea itself.” “I wish to go to nice places like the mountains and the person must be one who is able and has the hobby to travel to these quiet places together.” 

The fanmeeting is arranged for Lee Min Ho’s birthday celebration on coming June 22 and also the celebration launch of the fanclub on their 2nd year anniversary. There are 4500 fans who participated in this fanmeeting and they had a happy time with Lee Min Ho for 2 hours together.

Lee Min Ho said, “Being able to be together with fans in a place is not uncommon and after the birthday on last year, this is the second time for this significant event and I feel even more happier.” Lee Min Ho also expressed with thrill on this meeting, “It is good to have conversation with each fan and creating memories together.”

On this day, Lee Min Ho’s good friends Jung Il Woo and Kim Bum are the guests for today’s fanmeeting. 2AM, YounHa, SeeYa etc have also came to support Lee Min Ho’s fanmeeting.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Lee Min Ho with his close friend since high school, Jung Il Woo:

Lee Min Ho with his good brotherly friend, Kim Bum:

3 buddies having a wonderful time:

SeeYa doing the opening performance for Lee Min Ho’s fanmeeting:

2AM (JoKwon, Seulong, Jinwoon) doing performance at Lee Min Ho’s fanmeeting (2AM’s Changmin is absent):

YounHa singing birthday song to Lee Min Ho:

Lee Min Ho having a enjoyable talk with Jung Sung Hwa and 2AM’s Seulong:

Jung Won Chang from Taiwan came to send his congratulations wishes and presents to Lee Min Ho:

Lee Min Ho reading a letter which he wrote personally for his fans:

Lee Min Ho singing English song “Falling Slowly” from movie “Once” OST:

Lee Min Ho singing “사랑해” (“I Love You”):

Lee Min Ho blowing off the candles on his 24th birthday cake:

Gongjunim wishes Lee Min Ho a happy and memorable 24th birthday~! ^^
He really practises the songs a lot as he listens to them almost everyday~! ^^


10 Responses

  1. Mr. Lee Min Ho advance HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and i hope you will choose the best and the loveliest lady in korea none other than miss KU HYE SUN ,for me shes the only person that she can give the love,trust and respect to you…..GOD BLESSSS..

  2. I agree to that.. Hope Lee Min Ho and Ku Hye Sun will be together for real…

  3. Happy advance Birthday MH ssi, May God grant you all your wishes and dreams. Maybe the girl of your dream turn up on 22 June at your door step……hahaha….
    Our wish, hoping to see you sings with your girlfriend in your next birthday & be with her in public. I guess we all ready know who she is…… so until then MH ssi, please be patient, always have faith, love, trust & respect cos these elements will make a strong bonding for both of you & support her in your best way as you always do. Love U both. MinSun fighting!!!
    TQ princess for the update. Love U too.

  4. 나도 남자친구를 찾고 있는데… ㅋㅋㅋ

    언니 안녕~!! 좋은 아침~!! ^^

  5. hi lee min belated happy
    b-day wish you all the best
    good luck for your carer and hope
    you will the perfect for you

  6. YAY! those songs…i bet those were meant for hyesun! again minho was singing them with much ardor and affection. i can feel it … just looking at you in the vid! the intensity was the same with the way you sang “my everything” in your last year minoz fan meet! ahh… MINSUN COUPLE… amazing to the highest level! more patience MINSUN…blessed are those who wait!

  7. Saengil chukkahaeyo, namja jin gu, lee min ho ! hahahaha … I’m your biggest fan ! Good luck with your carreer. I am a amateur broadcaster, I hope you can play in my film. Now I have made a scenario for you … Hohoho …
    Good luck ! ^^

  8. hays!!

    belated happy birthday!!<3

    yeah.haha!!always take care!:XX

  9. happy belated birthday sweetie

  10. i like your all bithday picture

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