Korea Buzz – Goo Hye Sun at “Gallery TLJ” Opening Ceremony Showcase

(Translated from 스타뉴스) Actress cum director Goo Hye Sun participated in the opening ceremony and showcase for gallery “Gallery TLJ” arranged for her at Seoul Gangnam-gu Tous Les Jours Sinsa outlet level 2 on June 23 afternoon.

“Gallery TLJ” is a gallery outlet which is appointed for Tous Les Jours’s CF model Goo Hye Sun who displayed talents in various fields such as movies, arts, music, literature etc.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

 Goo Hye Sun putting up her artwork:

Goo Hye Sun cutting the opening ceremony cake with Seo Hyun Jin:

Goo Hye Sun performing a mini acapella music concert showcase on her movie “Magic” with her band: 

Goo Hye Sun at “Gallery TLJ” Opening Ceremony Showcase:

(video credit – 1313meow)

Wishing “Magic” will be a big hit~! Fighting~!! ^^

7 Responses

  1. i like how TLJ supports Hyesun’s activities! Seo Hyun Jin and Hyesun are so pretty!~ I do hope she makes a new Cf for TLJ!

  2. A versatile person which she developes her talents in singing by composing her song, paintings to express her feelings as an artist,a writer with matching directing for her own creativeness and determination to follow her DREAMS and that is DIRECTOR KU HYE SUN…….GOOD LUCK TO YOUR MOVIE MAGIC , IT WILL BE BLOCK BUSTER AND ANOTHER AWARD WINNING FOR KU HYE SUN…GOD BLESSS..MUAH!!

  3. Lucky to my friend who met her at there, could hug and took pic with her. Hyesun, we are love u.

  4. @ dhie, i saw her pic, ya lucky for her & i envy her. May be we shd one day organize a trip there too..

    Always beautiful cute sweet innocent HS. Keep up your good work. Good Luck to your MAGIC today. Let us all UNITE to support HS & MAGIC. MAGIC fighting!!!

  5. She has so many talents. I hope she will finaly find her ideal man and will love her trully honestly and to support her in every undertakings she may have in the future to come. GHS Fighting!!!

  6. @sukreena, yea we should do it someday and have a chance to meet Hyesun.

  7. she is so inspiring !! love her so much ..

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