Happy Birthday to Goo Hye Sun! ^^


Happy Birthday to Goo Hye Sun! May you be blessed with happiness with success always in your life~!

구혜선씨, 생일축하해요! 항상 좋은 일들만 가득하길 바랄게요! ^^

A big sorry to all Gongjunim blog readers for not being able to update regularly on my blog during these few months as I am very busy with school…  Nevertheless, I will be back in around mid November when my holidays start~ Stay tuned to Gongjunm blog!
Once again, Thank you & Sarang Haeyo!  

3 Responses

  1. It’s ok, we all understand. Good luck in your studies & take care. Hoping to see you again, soon.

  2. we really missed your blogs, but, education is more important.
    Congratulations to you and goo hye sun…since she will continue her studies also….this is the best…go go fighting…
    thanks for the past updates, hope at least once a month we can hear from you.
    i pray for your success.

  3. belated happy birthday, Goo Hye Sun.
    i love your being you.
    very natural and modest.
    continue to be a good role model for a lot of people.
    i pray for your success in showbiz and in your career.
    God bless!

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