Gongjunim….. is finally BACK~! ^^*

Dear readers of Gongjunim blog,

Thank you for your kind support towards Gongjunim blog~! I am finally back from my studies in Korea after some while…!! Well, I’ll continue to share more on KOREA once again~! 

From Korean entertainment, culture, fun travel spots, fashion, latest buzz….. all on KOREA~!

my motto is to spread LOVE on KOREA to everyone in the world~!

(note: there will be a new revamp to my blog soon~!)

looking forward to your visit again~! ^^ 

(the above picture is taken at KBS , Korea Broadcasting Station ^^*, more to share~!!)

2 Responses

  1. Soo glad you’re back to blogging. Looking forward to your posts 🙂 I bet you had a great time studying in Korea.

  2. thank you~! ^.~

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