Korea Buzz – Eugene and Ki Tae Young Wedding!

Former S.E.S member-turned actress Eugene and actor Ki Tae Young held their marriage today (23rd July) after ending their 1.5 years of dating.

Their marriage ceremony was held privately today at 1pm in Seoul Central Church located at Induk, Gyeonggi-do. The pastor of the church witnessed their wedding, and the host was actor Ryu Seung Ryong.

Many artistes have came to join in their marriage joy today. They include former S.E.S members Bada and Shoo, Se7en and Park Han Byul couple, Jung Joon Ho and Lee Han Jung husband and wife, So Yoo Jin, Jeon In Hwa, Lee Young Ah, Oh Jae Moo, Jeon Mi Seon, Kang Byul, Kim Jeong Min, Byun Woo Min, Lee Hyun Jin, Han Yoo Yi, Seo Ji Hye, Jung Suk Won, Kim Na Un, Seo Ji Young etc.

In the meanwhile, Ki Tae Young and Eugene husband and wife will leave for their 3 weeks honeymoon in Europe on 25th July and their wedding shoot will be taken there as well. 

(Translation copyrights credit: gongjunim.wordpress.com, with thanks to 매일경제 스타투데이)

Artistes who participated in Eugene and Ki Tae Young’s wedding today:

A sweet kiss from the newly weds:

The beautiful bride (with thanks to Bada’s twitter ^^):

Gongjunim: A sweet to the max couple turned husband and wife~! A blissful marriage to both~! Loves~! ^^

7 Responses

  1. am happy for them…congratulations! i hope and pray my favorite Kcouple will end up like them too! oh pretty please…^-^

  2. eoni!!! it’s minjee! I haven’t been to your blog for long long time!!! I miss u so much!! Eugene your idol jinjja yeppue!!! goddess!!! he’s a lucky groom!

  3. hi minjee!!!!! ^^ i am great! today is a blessed day!! my “long-hidden in my heart” idol (Eugene) is married today! so happy for her!!

    i misssssssssss u too!! do u use Iphone now? let’s whatspp!! ^^

  4. They look so happy together… Congratulation…. All the best for new life together….

  5. wishing you all the best in life together with kids filled with good health,happiness and love…congratulations!!!!

  6. aniya,,,I use samsung galaxy not iphone 4 mianhae eoni~~~ T___T yes!!! blessed day for Eugene eoni she finally got married to the guy of her dreams! it’s soooo cute!!! they’re such beautiful couple!

  7. 에이쿠, 유진이 징짜 이쁘네요 ^^~~ 우리 민선 언제 고백하고 이렇게 결혼할수 잇겟다?ㅠ

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