Korea Tourism – My Dream Journey in Korea

Dear readers,

Gongjunim has just took part in an online video contest organized by Korea Tourism Organization and Buzz Korea. My video (Title: My Dream Journey in Korea) is based on my some memorable episodes which I had during my studies in Korea.

Please support by viewing the video above!

Your view is appreciated and let’s spread our love for Korea together~! Thank you very much~!! ^^



Korea Music – Kim Bum Soo and Lena Park’s “Person, Love”

My first post in August~! ^^

I have been really interested in the singing programme “I Am A Singer” back some time ago and I really loved the vocals of Kim Bum Soo and Lena Park. I am so glad that both of them have came together for a duet titled, “Person, Love“. Their powerful vocals have gained an A from me for this new release! Loves~!! ^^