Happy Seollal! ^^


Happy Seollal (Korean Lunar New Year) to everyone~!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Thanks everyone for supporting my blog all along~! Sorry that my updates aren’t as regular~ In the meanwhile, I will try my best to share everything on Korea~ and hope everyone will continue to spread the love on Korea~! ^^

Seollal is an important day when Korean families get together for reunion. On this day, they will wear Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) and prepare offerings (Setting up ritual table with food) to pray to their ancestors. And they will eat Tteokguk (Rice cake soup) to mark a year older! The young generation will also do Sebae (Deep bow) to pay respects to the elders to wish them a Prosperous Year and they will receive Sebaedon (New Year’s money) from them as a token. Seollal is also a fun day where families can engage in Korean traditional games as well! 2 popular games are Yutnori and Hwatu (Also known as Go-stop)! ^^

In the Year of Snake, I would like to wish all readers more success, happiness and good health~!
Have a good holiday!


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