About Gongjunim – 공주님 (meaning “princess” in korean), is a blog site specially dedicated to all who loves korean fashion, music, culture, drama and travel. ^^ Hope through this blog, will be able to let more people admire the inner beauty of Korea! ❤

About myself – I am a typical dreamy princess girl who love and enjoy korean fashion, music and travelling around Korea! Korea is the country which i liked the most in Asia! I enjoyed the times whenever i am there~ ❤ the food, the fashion, the sights, the people, the streets, the seasons, the cultures…  always a beautiful memory to me… ^^


Last but not least, hope all the visitors will enjoy the stay at my blog! Thank you ^^

53 Responses

  1. you really looked like korean ! 🙂

  2. You’re really pretty^^

  3. thanks cindy! ^^

    really appreciate your visit to my blog!

    do come here often! ❤ ^^ take care!

  4. ah dee!~ do drop by around soon! ❤ 화이팅!! ^^

  5. hey this is david from sradioclub.com (formerly soompi radio)
    i was wondering if you knew how to translate in korean and would like to join our family as a writer.
    depending on where you live and the circumstances, we might be able to give you goodies in the future.
    please let me know ❤

  6. hi david~ thank you for your kind approach! i love to translate korean stuff but i am afraid i can’t commit as i am currently working also too. perhaps can i let you know again?

    once again~ thank you very much!! ^^

  7. hi do you mind exchanging blogrolls with me? thx ^^

  8. hi kimt08,

    sure~ i’ll be glad to~
    drop me your blog link here ^^

  9. Hi,,I’m desy, n I’m Indonesian….
    I like Korea very much,n I wish, I can study in one of university in Korea someday…..

    Thanks for your blog about korea, it helps me a lot to know more…
    N nice to know you…I like BBF too…

  10. hi desy!

    thank you for visiting my blog! glad that my blog helps u in a way~

    looking forward to your visit soon~

    yeah~ may your dreams to go Korea further study will come true real soon!

    hwaiting!! ❤ ^^

  11. Beautiful flowers!!!! The girl amongst the flowers also so pretty!!! Hope to see you soon in Korea! \(‘O’)/ I will keep supporting this blog….!!!

  12. 하이…공주님 ?
    my name is ivan from indonesia…Korea is a beautiful country. that is very nice cultural assets and very various country. There are many nice friendly people there. I love korean food! I love Korean music like Big Bang, 2PM, Dynamic Duo, Untouchable, and many others. Thank’s with your blog, hope will see you …

  13. lol sorry for the oober late reply =.=;
    but I’ve already added your link on mine. hope you’ll post mine [kpoprants.wordpress.com] up too ^^
    thx and happy blogging!

  14. hihi~ kpop rants link added! ^^

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  16. Hi!i was wondering if u you know and understand the korean language because if you do,could you teach me?

  17. hi serena~

    i will go read up. thank you for your interest in my blog! ^^ appreciates!

  18. hi felicia,

    yes i do understand Korean language and i am still studying now.

    i’ll try to teach u if i can, because i am working and also studying in the meantime.

    thank you for visiting my blog! ^^

  19. OKOK!if you are free at any time to teach me korean,especially during the hols,be free to email me.THX!=D

  20. hi cute huh!

  21. Hi, I really like your blog!..you’re always updated on everything Korean and my fave couple minsun! I”ll subcribe to your page now and I wish you all the best! My friends and I have plans of visiting Korea and I think your site will be of great help to us.. Thanks!

  22. hi cynthia~ thank you for your support to my blog~!! hope my blog can helps u~ enjoy Korea! continue to show your love for minsun couple~!! ^^

    LOVES <3333333

  23. ai gongjunim…:)
    nice to meet u..can we be friend?
    do u have a facebook?

    • hi mimi~ thanks for visiting my blog~ we keep in contact via email or twitter ^^ my pleasure to know u too~

  24. Hi,
    I’m glad I came into this site today cos I think U R fantastic. I will come here every now and then, now that i know this site and appreciate what you are doing albeit your selflessness of your free time to spend here giving us such great updates of the latest fashion, news etc on the KOREA that we have know thru the korean kdrama waves. Keep up the good works …. kudos to you

    • hi janice~ thank you for your support~ ^^ i appreciate it very much~ see you around here soon! ^^

  25. Hi

    I really like your blog

  26. hey Sharon, it’s Angie aka bellaangel012 at soompi. I left you a PM on soompi’s site, can you please take a look at it since I think you are probably the best to give me some advice….

    Thank you so very much in advance and also you can email me at the email address as well, I check that constantly!

    Thanks dear, Angie

    • sure bella~ i have replied~ see you around here then~ ^^

      • Hey!!

        i responded to you via pm at soompi but then again I know you dont stop by there very often. Thank you so much for the information about Singapore- I might be making a move there for my job. If so, let’s exchange info and meet up?


  27. Hi…
    I’m really like reading your blog, It’s so much information obout Korea. Can I ask you something?
    Are you korean? coz you really muck know about korea.
    My names Esty, I’m Indonesia. Hope can be your friend. I’m visiting your blog everyday ^_^

    • hi esty~ i am not a native korean ^^ i just blog on my love for Korea ^^ hope to spread the love with many others who have passion and love for Korea as well~ thank you for your support to my blog ^^

  28. Gongjoonim,thanks for the translation.
    i always take your article about Seunggi to posting on my blog. ^^

    • hi~ sure no problem ^^ i admire Seung Gi’s talents too ^^ my pleasure to know you as well ^^

  29. Hi gongjunim, I’m a regular silent reader at LMH, GHS, Joondi soompi thread. Understand you are now in Singapore, would like to contact you on recommendation of budget motel, homestay options in Seoul. As I’ll be there for 3 weeks immersion course.

    If your schedule permits, would like to meet you. Waiting to hear from you. Thanks alot, Xuexi

    P.S. you can contact me at my email address as above.

  30. Sorry, gongjunim, please could you resend email to me as I have inadvertently deleted it 😦

  31. H, have got something interesting to share about LMH, would appreciate if you could drop me an email =)

  32. Hello. Just found your site recently, love it!

    Would you like to exchange link with my blog? It’s about Asian lifestyle and entertainment, URL here: http://yeinjee.com/

    I’ve added yours at my blogroll: http://yeinjee.com/interesting-websites/


  33. 귀여운 공주님 안녕! 🙂 여기 참 재미있거든요.. 계속 한국에대한 것을 쓰고 항상 웃으세요! 😉 명선이

  34. {hi!}

    your blog is fabulous! lots of great info^__^ i am also a blogger on asian fashion/designers & western design. i’m dedicated to blogging and would like to make friends with other wonderful english blogs focusing on asian fashion. would you like to exchange blogroll w/ my site?

    {love from california}

    • thanks gabrielle~! i have added your blog to my blogroll too~ your blog is really nice~ i love vintage too! ^^

  35. anyeonghaseyo…

    gongjunim-ssi,would u be my friend?
    I’m studying korean now…


    • hi distrya~ sure you can add me at twitter~ ^^ happy studying Korean! all the best to you~ fighting!!

  36. huaaa….finally i found a kindly Korean girl like you… ^^
    nice to know you sist…
    keep blogging, ^^

  37. Hi Gongjunim
    I’m a journalist from London. I’m writing a report for The Future Laboratory (www.thefuturelaboratory.com) about global teenagers and I’d love to interview you over email about your blog and other teen trends in Korea. Would this be possible? Please email me at the address included and I will send a few questions over.

  38. Greetings Gongjunim!

    We have noticed your interesting blog entries about all things Korean and found you very suitable to be a blogger for our upcoming media campaigns. Could you kindly provide me your email contact so we could keep in touch with you?

    Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,
    Eugene Z.
    Olive Consulting

  39. Hi Sharon. I was looking through your blog and was wondering if I could contact you through your personal email about a project I am doing for Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). If you’re interested, please let me know and get back to me at alinakim@prain.com. Thank You!

  40. Hello Gongjunim!

    I love your site especially your korean fashion section. I hope you don’t mind but I added some pictures from your site and linked it back to your website because they were so cute!! ^_^

    Keep up the good work!!

  41. hey, nice to meet you. I likes your blog very much. hehe 🙂
    I am a girl from Malaysia. Erm..It is like that recently I am considering for learning korean language. How you learnt it? through school or learnt by yourself? Can you give me some advice? Erm..or can you give me some e-mail then we can chat at there more easy..hehe..

    Thanks and take care, hope you can reply me:)

    From, Jiayhi

    • hi jiayhi! thanks for visiting here! 🙂

      i learnt at Singapore Korean School before coming to Seoul here. 🙂

      You can enrol at Singapore Korean School if you are keen to learn 🙂 I am not sure on the schools available at Malaysia though… i am sorry 😦

      anyway wish u all the best in the learning journey! FIGHTING! 🙂

  42. Hey there,

    The 1st International fan forum for Ku Hye Sun has just been started up but we need people to help spread the word. If you could make a post or give a shout out about this, it would be great!

    Website address is http://kuhyesun.co.cc

    If you can’t, thanks anyways!

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