Korea Tourism – My Dream Journey in Korea

Dear readers,

Gongjunim has just took part in an online video contest organized by Korea Tourism Organization and Buzz Korea. My video (Title: My Dream Journey in Korea) is based on my some memorable episodes which I had during my studies in Korea.

Please support by viewing the video above!

Your view is appreciated and let’s spread our love for Korea together~! Thank you very much~!! ^^



Gongjunim Going Korea For Further Studies!

After a long wait, Gongjunim has successfully been accepted to Seoul National University in Korea. The university which Gongjunim has dreamt of attending. I thank everyone who supported my decision along! ^^

One of Seoul National University’s symbols: I love SNU 

As Gongjunim will be preparing for further studies in Korea soon, I’ll start to blog lesser but still, I’ll blog whenever I can. I thank all readers and supporters who visit here always. My heartfelt thank you and I love you! 

July 13 is also the birthday of Gongjunim’s late father. He passed away 3 years ago. I want to thank him for being a wonderful and dedicate father always. Without him, I won’t be able to do many things and pursue my dreams. 

Dear father, I miss you and I love you. You’ll always be in my memory. I will study hard! Fighting!

Gongjunim will be back soon! LOVES! ^^

Gongjunim Blog is 1 Year Old! ^^

Gongjunim Blog is 1 Year Old!


Gongjunim blog (Girl’s Paradise) is established for a year since April 19 2009~! In here, I want to thank all the readers for your continuous love and support. Without you, I won’t have moved on so far till now.


Gongjunim will continue to bring you more on Korean entertainment, travel and fashion news~! In here, I would to extend my sincerest heartfelt thanks to:

Minjee, Margaret, Aram, Bambi, Janey, Maple, Meow, Tracy, Regie, Shaz, Sas and many more etc….. Thank you for your trust in my blog constantly~ ^^ And not forgetting, thank you to Goo Hye Sun’s Korea fans~! 감사합니다~!

This banner above is specially made by Margaret for Gongjunim’s 1st year anniversary. These pictures are from some of my travel experiences in Korea. Thanks to Margaret for her design and efforts! ❤

I will share a series of my travel experiences in Korea in my upcoming post soon! Do not miss it~! I hope that I can continue to spread my love for KOREA~! 사랑해요~! ^^

Looking forward to Gongjunim blog’s 2nd year anniversary! ❤ ^^

Gongjunim – No Blog Posts from December 6 – 8

Dear readers,

Firstly, sorry for not updating recently as I have upcoming Korean language exam.

Gongjunim will be away for exam studies from December 6 – 8 so I would not be able to blog.

Thank you for your constant support to Gongjunim’s blog.

I will be back from December 9 onwards.

Take care in the meanwhile! ^^ ❤

Gongjunim – No Blog Posts from 19th to 26th September


Dear readers,

I’ll be in Korea from 19th – 26th September for travel and Asia Song Festival 2009.

I won’t be able to update as promptly due to my trip.

Hope you all will still continue to show your support to gongjunim blog. ^^

Thank you very much ❤

Thank You from Gongjunim


A very big thank you and appreciates to all visitors who came by my blog!

Due to your great support, Gongjunim blog has emerged as the top 100 blogs in KNTO (Korea National Tourism Organization) contest.

Gongjunim will continue to bring in more Korea related posts and news soon again.

Continue to share your love for KOREA! ^^

Gongjunim – No Blog Posts from 13th to 15th September (Due to Korean Language Exam)

Dear readers,

Hope you have enjoyed your stay at my blog.

A big thank you for showering your support to gongjunim blog.

I’ll be studying for my Korean language exam for the coming 3 days so I won’t be able to blog.

Looking forward to your visit soon again! ❤ ^^

Happy Birthday to Gongjunim


Today is Gongjunim’s birthday! ❤

In here, I would like to thank everyone who visited and supported my blog, making it to 100,000 hits.

Wishing everyone dreams come true!

Continue to show your love for Korea! Sarang Hae-yo~ ^^


Gongjunim – No Blog Posts on 15th June (Due to Korean Language Exam)


Dear readers, i will be busy studying for my Korean Language examination which is taking place on Tuesday (16th June). I won’t be blogging for tomorrow (15th June).

Once again, thank you all for visiting my blog. ❤ 

Looking forward to your visit again from 17th June onwards!

Have a great week ahead! ^^

Korean language class


(Thanks to 수경 for making this cute pic! one of my fav pic ^^)

Phew! My Korean language class is getting harder! >< The level i am studying currently at Singapore Korean School is Intermediate 2… The textbook and workbook for this level onwards are in Korean language… It’s real tough but I gonna work harder to keep it up!!! Thank you to my current teacher (한샘) who put in great efforts in teaching and entertaining the class ❤ ^^ And also constantly showering us with encouragement to speak more in class… I hope i won’t disappoint her~

아자아자 화이팅!!! ^^

Today i have made the final decision to go to our school camp… 수경 & 야회, thanks for all the smiles and support that you have given me always!!! 사랑해~ ❤ let’s plan a trip to Korea together in the near future ok (with Jerlyn)!!! ^^ *muacks*