Happy Seollal! ^^


Happy Seollal (Korean Lunar New Year) to everyone~!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Thanks everyone for supporting my blog all along~! Sorry that my updates aren’t as regular~ In the meanwhile, I will try my best to share everything on Korea~ and hope everyone will continue to spread the love on Korea~! ^^

Seollal is an important day when Korean families get together for reunion. On this day, they will wear Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) and prepare offerings (Setting up ritual table with food) to pray to their ancestors. And they will eat Tteokguk (Rice cake soup) to mark a year older! The young generation will also do Sebae (Deep bow) to pay respects to the elders to wish them a Prosperous Year and they will receive Sebaedon (New Year’s money) from them as a token. Seollal is also a fun day where families can engage in Korean traditional games as well! 2 popular games are Yutnori and Hwatu (Also known as Go-stop)! ^^

In the Year of Snake, I would like to wish all readers more success, happiness and good health~!
Have a good holiday!

Wishing All Readers a Happy & Prosperous Chuseok~! ^^

Today (12 September) is Korea’s Chuseok (추석)~! It is also known as Hangawi (한가위). It falls on the 15th day of the lunar eighth month and also when the moon is at its fullest. In Korea, Chuseok is a big festival and Koreans will return to their hometown to celebrate this joyous festival with their family and loved ones. They will put on Hanbok (한복), pray and thank their ancestors for their blessings with food and fruits, play traditional games and also enjoy many traditional food such as Songpyeon (송편). 

In here, Gongjunim wishes all readers a Happy & Prosperous Chuseok~! ^.~


Korea Buzz – Eugene & Ki Tae Young Wedding Photos Revealed! ^^

Ahead of their marriage on 23th July, the wedding photos of Eugene and Ki Tae Young are revealed via various Korea news portal sites today (18th July). Eugene and Ki Tae Young have taken their wedding photoshoot at a studio located at Kangnam recently. Both of them have undertaken the royal wedding concept for this photoshoot.

Besides that, after their wedding, they will be taking an additional photoshoot during their honeymoon at Europe. The official who managed their wedding said, “Both of them have portrayed poses just like pictures.”, “Eugene put on the wedding dress prepared by the famous overseas dress designer Kate Blanc and shown a bride-to-be’s beauty in full.”. She added on, “This photoshoot is a semi shoot as the wedding site is being set up.”, “They will take another photoshoot with the sceneries of Europe as their background.”

Their private wedding will take place on 23th July at 1pm in a church located at Induk, Gyeonggi-do.

(Translation copyrights credit: gongjunim.wordpress.com,
photos with thanks to 웨딩스페셜리스트 유나킴)

Wishing a blissful marriage for the prince and princess~! ^.~

Happy Birthday, Lee Min Ho~! ^.~

Today (22nd June 2011) marks Korea’s upcoming hot favourite actor, Lee Min Ho’s 25th birthday (Korean’s age)~! Here’s wishing him all the best in his career and a healthy and fruitful life ahead~! His new drama “City Hunter” on SBS is currently airing in Korea~! ^.~

생일측하드립니다~! 늘 건강하고 재밌게 사시길 빕니다~!

Korea Buzz: Eugene & Ki Tae Young Getting Married~! ^^*

A very good news when I was still in Korea…… ^^*

My very favourite Korean artiste (for over 8 years~!), Eugene, is finally getting married~! Her husband-to-be is Ki Tae Young, her co-partner in 2009 MBC drama, “Creating Destiny”~!

It is definitely a piece of good news and their private wedding will be held in a church in Gyeonggi-do, Korea, in coming July 23th. The pair of lovely lovebirds have got together since January 2010 and are finally going to tie the knot together after 1.5 years of dating. 

Will blog more on this lovely couple and their wedding again~! ^^*

Here’s wishing them an everlasting blissful marriage~! *cheers*


Gongjunim….. is finally BACK~! ^^*

Dear readers of Gongjunim blog,

Thank you for your kind support towards Gongjunim blog~! I am finally back from my studies in Korea after some while…!! Well, I’ll continue to share more on KOREA once again~! 

From Korean entertainment, culture, fun travel spots, fashion, latest buzz….. all on KOREA~!

my motto is to spread LOVE on KOREA to everyone in the world~!

(note: there will be a new revamp to my blog soon~!)

looking forward to your visit again~! ^^ 

(the above picture is taken at KBS , Korea Broadcasting Station ^^*, more to share~!!)

Happy Birthday to Goo Hye Sun! ^^


Happy Birthday to Goo Hye Sun! May you be blessed with happiness with success always in your life~!

구혜선씨, 생일축하해요! 항상 좋은 일들만 가득하길 바랄게요! ^^

A big sorry to all Gongjunim blog readers for not being able to update regularly on my blog during these few months as I am very busy with school…  Nevertheless, I will be back in around mid November when my holidays start~ Stay tuned to Gongjunm blog!
Once again, Thank you & Sarang Haeyo!  

Gongjunim Going Korea For Further Studies!

After a long wait, Gongjunim has successfully been accepted to Seoul National University in Korea. The university which Gongjunim has dreamt of attending. I thank everyone who supported my decision along! ^^

One of Seoul National University’s symbols: I love SNU 

As Gongjunim will be preparing for further studies in Korea soon, I’ll start to blog lesser but still, I’ll blog whenever I can. I thank all readers and supporters who visit here always. My heartfelt thank you and I love you! 

July 13 is also the birthday of Gongjunim’s late father. He passed away 3 years ago. I want to thank him for being a wonderful and dedicate father always. Without him, I won’t be able to do many things and pursue my dreams. 

Dear father, I miss you and I love you. You’ll always be in my memory. I will study hard! Fighting!

Gongjunim will be back soon! LOVES! ^^

Park Yong Ha, Please Rest in Peace

On June 30, we have lost an excellent Korean actor and singer, Park Yong Ha. It was said that he was found dead at home and reports said that it was due to suicide impulses.

Gongjunim was really affected by the shocked news and cannot believe it. Park Yong Ha was an outstanding actor and singer who I look upon to. Always.

And now, the sudden blow of this unfateful news shattered everything. No amount of tears can measure the pain of loss.

May Park Yong Ha rest in peace and be blessed always in the faraway land.

I will miss you and will treasure the album which you once hand autographed for me.

Your smile will always be kept in our hearts.

Goodbye and I salute to you.


Happy Birthday to Lee Min Ho! ^^

Wishes from Gongjunim…

Happy Birthday to Lee Min Ho!
May all your dreams come true and stay happy and healthy as always~! ^^
Shine and strive on with your determination~! ^^

생일축하해요~ 이민호씨~
모든 원하는 꿈이 이루어지고 늘 행복하고 건강 하길 바랄게요~!
계속 힘내세요~

“I Love You” (Piano Version) by Kim Woo Joo (the song frequently listened by Lee Min Ho now) :

Gongjunim’s favourite part of the lyrics:
“세상 끝까지 그대를 지키죠”
“Watching over you till the time the world ends”

(video credit – chickenfaceXD)