Wishing All Readers a Happy & Prosperous Chuseok~! ^^

Today (12 September) is Korea’s Chuseok (추석)~! It is also known as Hangawi (한가위). It falls on the 15th day of the lunar eighth month and also when the moon is at its fullest. In Korea, Chuseok is a big festival and Koreans will return to their hometown to celebrate this joyous festival with their family and loved ones. They will put on Hanbok (한복), pray and thank their ancestors for their blessings with food and fruits, play traditional games and also enjoy many traditional food such as Songpyeon (송편). 

In here, Gongjunim wishes all readers a Happy & Prosperous Chuseok~! ^.~


Korea Culture – Lunar New Year Day (설날)

In Korea, the first day of the lunar calender is known as the Lunar New Year Day (설날). In this year (2010), the Lunar New Year Day falls on February 14. On this day, Korean families will gather and celebrate together traditionally. One tradition observed on Lunar New Year celebration is the eating of rice cake soup (떡국). It is said that it will bring one longevity. While Korean families and relatives gather together to eat rice cake soup, they also make wishes for each other for better health in this new year.

Rice cake soup (떡국)

Other than eating rice cake soup, Korean buddhists will pay visit to the temple to make greetings to Buddha and to the Reverend of the temple. Some folk games which Koreans will do during Lunar New Year Day include playing shuttlecock with the feet and kite-flying.

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Gongjunim wishes all a Happy and Healthy Lunar New Year! ^^

Happy PEPERO Day! ^^


11.11 (November 11) is Korea’s PEPERO (빼빼로) Day!

On this day, Koreans will give chocolate sticks to their loved ones (family, lover and friends) in showing their appreciation and concern to them. In a way, it also spreads their kinship, love relationship and friendship!

In here, Gongjunim wishes all a Happy PEPERO Day! ^^

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SEOUL’d OUT! Concert 2009 in Singapore

Good news for all Korea-lovers in Singapore!

Sundown Festival will be bringing  SEOUL’d OUT! Concert 2009 held at Fort Canning Park, Singapore, on 12th December. Participating artistes include: T-Max, Brown Eyed Girls, FT Island, Mario and Lee Ji Su.

The tickets will go on sale from 21st October.

A must-not-missed event for Korea-lovers!

Ride on the Korea wave at this Korea-filled festival! ^^

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Korea Buzz – Kim So Eun Sends Her Happy Chuseok Greetings


Kim So Eun is dressed in a beautiful Hanbok here to greet everyone a Happy Chuseok!

She looked really pretty and cute in this Hanbok. Jjang! ^^

(source: 뉴스엔, credit: gongjunim.wordpress.com)

More pictures of Kim So Eun in her gorgeous Hanbok:

Korea Buzz – Lee Min Ho Wishes Everyone a Healthy and Warm “Chuseok”


Lee Min Ho is seen here dressed in Korea traditional costume, Hanbok, to greet everyone a healthy and warm “Chuseok”.

(source – 뉴스엔, credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)



Korea Culture – Chuseok (추석: 秋夕)


Chuseok (추석: 秋夕) is the harvest festival of Korea which is held on the 15th of August on the lunar calender. This year Chuseok, it falls on the 3rd October. There will be 3-day holidays for Koreans during this festival. For this year, it will be from 2nd October to 4th October.

During this period, many Koreans will go back to their hometown to pay their respects to their ancestors and also have reunion with their family. They will also have songpyeon (송편) together. Songpyeon is a traditional Korean food which is eaten during Chuseok. It is a crescent-shaped rice cake which is made from rice or non-glutinous rice powder.


Happy Chuseok in advance to everyone!~ ^^