Korea Tourism – A Trip to The Heart

(video credit – visitkorea)

KNTO (Korea National Tourism Organization) has recently released a Korea tourism video featuring one of Korean top male artiste, Lee Byung Hyun. 

The video topic is on a trip to the heart warming country, Korea. Inside the video, it covers several beautiful places in Korea including Hadong (which is famous for its green tea), Suncheon (which is famous for its agricultural scenes), Jeonju (which is famous for its bibimbap and their well-maintenance of Korea historical traditions), Gongju (which is famous for its history preserves from Baekje Kingdom).

The capital of South Korea, Seoul, was also covered inside and it featured several interesting places such as Seoul Tower, Garosu-gil (Sinsa-dong), Namdaemun Market, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gwanghwamun Plaza etc. At the last part, Banpo Bridge Laser Water Fountain (one of Seoul’s tourism highlights) was also being featured.

Overall, I really enjoyed the video presentation (You can refer to the English words below the video for translation). It shows the sensational, heartwarming and historical sides of Korea for others to discover~!

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Korea Tourism – KTO and Hallyu Stars Unite to Promote Korea


Hallyu Stars Promote the Spirit of Korea in an Exciting Online Festival

Netizens from China, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan vote for their favourite
Hallyu Star

On July 7th 2009, the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO, www.visitkorea.or.kr) launched the “Korea: 100 Sparkles” global online tourism promotion campaign in partnership with Yahoo!.  The campaign’s official website (http://kr.promotion.yahoo.com/korea100sparkles), features Korean Hallyu stars telling netizens about the 100 main attractions of Korea.  Netizens can watch videos and read articles on the stars’ favorite foods, beauty products, travel memories, and more.

The online campaign was launched in July 2009 and will continue until December 2009. During the months of July and August, an online voting event will be conducted. Titled ‘Korea’s Bright Sparks’, the poll invites netizens of China, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan to vote for “The Star I Most Want to Meet” among 10 Korean Hallyu stars selected by the KTO (Andy, Jang Seo-hee, Ji-Sung, Jun Jin, Kim Jun, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Min Woo, Park Eun Hye, Park Yong Ha, Yun Ha). Fans will get to meet the most popular of these Hallyu stars on the ‘Sparkling Road Trip’, which will be organized at a later date.

Currently, voting is fierce, as netizens from all over Asia visit the website daily to make their favorite star the winner of this event. There is still plenty of time before the survey ends, and the results change daily due to each of the different countries’ tastes. Visitors to the “Korea: 100 Sparkles” website will also be introduced to some of the jewels of traveling in Korea. The site contains plenty of useful information on festivals, events, and performances organized in Incheon, Gangwon-do Province, and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, as well as an article on the major shopping districts in Seoul. Articles on food and beauty will be uploaded soon.

The website also features a competition called ‘Blog Korea! Visit Korea!’. Anyone operating a blog in English or other languages (Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and Russian) is eligible to participate in this competition. Bloggers should post content on Korean culture and travel on their blogs and register their blogs through the KTO website at http://english.visitkorea.or.kr or VANK site at http://blog.prkorea.com. The KTO and VANK will award prizes to the top 100 bloggers, judged in terms of page visits, content, and activity.  Prizes include the latest “Netbook” worth 500 US dollars.  These 100 top bloggers will then be encouraged to continue posting entries on Korea, and next year the top three blogs will be selected.  These winners will receive Korean travel vouchers worth $10,000 and $5,000, so they can have an unforgettable vacation in Korea with their friends and family.

Through a variety of online promotions that target a worldwide audience and through expanding international exchanges, the KTO will continue to work to enhance global interest in Korea and raise its visibility as a travel destination.

(source: KTO @ http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto)


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Korea Travel Diary – Year 2008 Spring (Jeju-do Part 1)

IMG_0736(Gongjunim with Dol Hareubang (돌 하르방) of Jeju-do (제주도). ^^)

It has been long that i blogged on my travel diary on Korea! So now, i am going to continue on some special moments which i experienced in Korea. The second time when i went Korea was on 2008 spring season. That time i was heading for Gimpo Airport to take the domestic flight to Jeju-do. It was raining slightly. But it didnt dampen my mood at all. I was looking forward to visiting the magnificent island of South Korea – Jeju-do (제주도).

After a hour of flight, I arrived at Jeju International Airport. It was still drizzling but my exciteness on exploring this island kept me unaffected by the weather. My first stop at Jeju-do was Yongduam Rock (용두암). It is also known as the Dragon Head Rock. It was a grand sight. You can walk down the pathway down to have a closer look of the rock too. Next day, we move on to Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉). It is also known as the Sunrise Peak. The scenery was breathtakingly gorgeous. Though i didn’t climbed up to the peak (due to weather condition, very disappointed though >.<), it was still a memorable moment there. The views from all sides of the Sunrise Peak was splendid. Should you be exploring Jeju-do, you should not miss here! ^^

Not forgetting to mention here, a distinctive cultural artifact of Jeju-do is the Dol Hareubang (돌 하르방). It is known as the “stone grandfather”. They are the symbol of Jeju-do and can be seen almost everywhere there. It was said that Dol Hareubang (돌 하르방) are gods who can bless human beings with protection against demons and women with fertility.

IMG_0687Yongdaum Rock (용두암)

IMG_0706Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉)

Other views from Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉):




Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 (SDA 2009 Festival)


Seoul International Drama Awards is coming to their 4th year this year.

In this year, SDA 2009 Festival will start from 4 September ~ 13 September  2009 for a period of 10 days in Seoul. The slogan for this year SDA 2009 Festival is “Show your drama, Share the World“. There will be a series of events scheduled in line including drama OST concert, showcase & event, awards ceremony and farewell party. The awards ceremony will be held on 11th September at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul. All these events will make this year festival even more anticipating and interesting.

In view to SDA 2009 Festival, there is an online voting event specially opened for the public to pick out their Best Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress. The online voting period will start from 13th July to 31st August 2009 at Yahoo! Korea website.

To cast your vote for Best Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress, you can go to: http://kr.news.yahoo.com/event/sda2009/index.html.

For SDA 2009 Festival details, you can go to their official website (English): http://www.seouldrama.org/main/index.php?lang=en



There is an event campaign titled “2009 Dream Story with Seoul City” held at the website. One of the events is a picture creation contest where you can create your own picture taken with your favourite Hallyu celebrities. You can go to http://kr.news.yahoo.com/event/sda2009/en_event1.html to have yours specially made! The online contest will run from 13th July to 30th August 2009. The final winner will be announced via Yahoo! Korea on 7th September. You can check out what you can stand to win if you take part in this contest as below!

[Gifts for Events ] (source: http://kr.blog.yahoo.com/sdf2008@ymail.com/138)   

1) Date with Star  
 – For Special Prize for one       
  Round trip Air Plane tick to Seoul for 2 people +  opportunity to meet Korean Star (TBA)

 – For Ten of event winners
Round trip Air Plane tick to Seoul for 2 people  ( 6 months open ticket )

2) Seoul City Tour with “Hallyu Bus”
– For Six of event winners
  Round trip Air Plane tick to Seoul for 2 people  ( 6 months open ticket ) 

*  Each of winners will receive the detail gift information by e-mail from Seoul city staff
*  IF Any of winners want to join the SDA 2009 ceremony on Sep 11th
    SDA ticket will be provided after winner confirmation

(credits – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

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