Korea Music – Love 119 by 케이윌 (K Will)

It’s really sad to hear the news of the sudden death of South Korea’s former president. Listening to the song “Love 119” by 케이윌 (K Will) perks me up during low times. In here, i would like to dedicate this song to everyone out there. Stay strong and happy always! ❤

Korea Music – 케이윌(K Will) as Lee Min Ho’s Vocal Instructor


Although this news has been released in korea on 20 May 2009, i still have a strong will to blog it (though it’s a bit late now, guessed most will have know this >.<). It is because personally i admired 케이윌 (K Will) ‘s strong vocal capabilities in singing. And i hope through his personal coaching, Lee Min Ho will be able to master more singing techniques from this vocal master. All the best to Lee Min Ho! May he able to excel in the singing world too! 

Last but not least, looking forward to more great music from K Will (케이윌)! ^^

힘내요! ^^