Korea Fashion – Checkers Hot Trend

Gongjunim is back in action for more Korea fashion picks~! ^^

As March begins, it is the start of beautiful Spring season too! In Korea fashion scene now, checkers trend is getting increasingly popular. Whether it is blouse, jacket or bottoms, checkers fashion is seen almost everywhere. Gongjunim has picked up 3 checker blouse designs which I think are trendy and cute! Hope you’ll like my fashion picks~!

There will be more fashion picks to come which are not to be missed~! Spring season is definitely a season with beautiful and outstanding fashion in Korea! ^^

(credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Korea Fashion – Character Winter Pullover Wear

As winter season is coming soon next week, Gongjunim has picked up some latest releases of character winter pullover wear in Korea fashion scene! They are really cute and street fashionable! ^^

I really adore Korea’s winter fashion wear~ (will bring my Korea winter fashion picks soon again~)

Hope you will like my fashion picks!~

Korea Fashion – Peaked Shoulder Cardigan is “IN”


In Korea fashion lately, there has been a growing favourite design for cardigan / jacket. It is the “peaked shoulder”! This vintage retro style is back in trend for F/W fashion scene and is a big hit in Korea now! ^^

Gongjunim has picked up one cardigan design from the Korea fashion market which is a hard-to-resist item for fashionistas (like me)! My favourite colour goes to the green one as above! Hope you’ll like my fashion picks! ^^



(with special thanks to SK Girl)

Korea Fashion – Leggings and Skinny Collection of F/W 2009


The latest leggings and skinny collection of F/W 2009 are released in korea fashion market scene!

The designs this season are more bold and have more fashion feel. I have picked up 3 of my favourite designs. Hope you all will like my fashion picks! ^^




Korean CF – 2NE1 at 11st Online Shop

2NE1’s TV CF for 11st online shop is released!

Each member’s fashion styles are also being displayed at 11st website. 

You can check out more at http://www.11st.co.kr for more 2NE1 fashion picks! ^^



Video of 2NE1 at 11st online shop CF:

I heart Dara & Park Bom fashion styles! Minzy and CL also really cool ❤ ^^ 

Korea Fashion – Skinny Jeans Trend Continues in F/W 2009


Skinny jeans trend continues to invade Korea fashion scene in F/W 2009. The latest designs are just released. I love their design and cut. ❤ I have picked up 2 of my favourite designs. Hope you all will love my fashion picks! ^^



Korea Fashion – Pumpkin Skirt (Cute!)

For Korea fashion picks today, i have picked up a cute pumpkin skirt which i think has great fashion feel. Most importantly, i feel the design of this skirt give girls a great figure (curve) line. This skirt comes with black and violet colours. Personally, i like the violet colour alot as it looks bubbly (Black is also classic ^^).  You can coordinate with a belt to add a fashion point too. Hope all will like my fashion pick! ^^