Korea Fashion – Long Cardigans

img02aLong cardigans – a fashion style which never fade in the fashion world. Personally, i love plain and “high school fashion theme” concept long cardigans (I am more towards sweet cute style >.<).

Today, i am going to pick 4 long cardigans from korea fashion (same style, different colours) which i think each have their own different fashion feel (sporty, cutie, sweetie and cool). ❤ And your choice is…..? ^^




Korea Fashion Insight ^^


i love this theme~ its concept is a typical high school gal…
its combination of double lines on the outer sweater makes it feel vibrant.. ^^ and if you notice the model wearing 2 hairbands, it’s a fashionable style too ❤

with this outer sweater, a mini plain / checkers skirt, a plain blouse, some cute accessories, its definitely a wow wow!~

love it! love it! ❤