Korea Travel Diary – Year 2006 Winter (6)


Our last travel destination was 무의도 (Muuido). I recalled travelling there, it was very “rushed” as we need to catch the last boat (if not we have to find a place to stay overnight there >.<). But still, i am happy that we have managed to come to this little beautiful island in Incheon. When we arrived at the jetty, our bus speeded to the beach. It took around 10 minutes to reach this beautiful beach (at a fast speed!). The sun was setting when we arrived. It was a beauty sight. ^^ And we saw the house which “Stairway to Heaven” drama was filmed near the beach. There’s a walkway up to the house. It was a beautiful decorated house. There was also a grand piano sited there.

As i walked down the stairway, i headed off to find seashells along the beach. There were many nice seashells and i collected some back. ❤ I enjoyed the gorgeous sight of the sunset with the sea background (although it was very cold >.<). 

And thinking back now, i just realised something familiar on the background. It is because this is the beach where “꽃보다 남자” (Boys Over Flowers) drama filmed its last episode at (the last scene where 준표 proposed to 잔디 and all the cast stand together facing the sea). Beautiful indeed! ^^ If you love mother nature, do come by 무의도 (Muuido) when you are in korea next time! ❤



korea 075p (2)

korea 075p (3)

korea 075p (4)

(I was candid shot by my travel mate! *in the midst of picking seashells* haha.)

*end of year 2006 winter korea travel diary*