Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho & Kim Bum Came to Cheer for Kim Hyun Joong at SS501 1st Asia Tour Concert


Although the drama is over, the friendship of “Boys over Flowers” main cast still remains strong.

Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum were seen on 1st August at SS501 ‘1st Asia Tour Concert in Seoul”. They came to cheer for their fellow mate, Kim Hyun Joong of SS501. The three of them were sitting side by side during the concert and chatting at times. The appearance of them also attracted the attention of many audience.

Another member of F4, Kim Jun, was sadly unable to attend the concert together with them as he was involved in a musical “The March of  Youth” which starts at 8pm at another venue.

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My favourite picture gonna be this~ 2009080118590028282_203803_0(Goo Hye Sun eating a lollipop with her hand holding a packet of tibits! Lee Min Ho is dashing.) 


More photos of Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum at SS501 concert:

Flower Boys During Childhood (Part 2 – Kim Bum & Kim Jun)


Kim Bum who acted as So Yi Jung in “Boys over Flowers” drama is a cute bubbly baby when borned!

During childhood, he successfully shaked off his baby fats and gradually turned into a charming handsome looking boy. He attracted a lot of girls’ attention and many wanted to play with him during class.

Since young, Kim Bum is very particular towards cleanliness and does not like dirt on his body. There was once when he went playground to play and to avoid the sand from sticking onto his clothes, he only used two of his fingers to shake them off.

There was another while when Kim Bum’s mother permed Kim Bum’s hair, and Kim Bum who has fashion sense at that young age, did not like the hairstyle. He insisted on wearing cap when he was out. 


Kim Jun who acted as Song Woo Bin in “Boys over Flowers” drama is a adorable and innocent baby when borned!

As Kim Jun is very particular to food during young, he was very thin and short at that time. Kim Jun grows a great resemblence to his father who has a pair of big bright eyes. During babyhood, when Kim Jun got a shock or just woke up, his eyes will turn even bigger. So since young, he got a nickname by “Bull Eye” (as he was born in year 1985 which is the year of Ox).

When young, Kim Jun’s mother will bring Kim Jun along to supermarket, and almost everytime she will lost him there. She will need to make broadcast news to search for him. Kim Jun will walk around and receive free snacks and love given by the aunties inside the supermarket till her mother finally found him.

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Kim Jun to Make Debut Performance for Song “Jun Be Ok” at KBS Music Bank on 24 July


It has been confirmed by KBS today that Kim Jun will be making his debut performance for his solo song “Jun Be Ok” at Music Bank on this Friday (24th July).

You can also watch out for MC Mong (with his new song “Indian Boy”) and FT Island for their comeback stage performances too on this Friday’s Music Bank.

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Korea Buzz – “Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert” (2009-06-21)


Kim Hyun Joong and T Max have made special guest appearances at Lee Min Ho’s “Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert” today. Kim Hyun Joong performed his new solo song “Be nice to me, please“. T Max have also sang a congratulation song to Lee Min Ho during the event. Many fans are seen at the event venue today. Other than Korea fans, there are fans who came from Japan and Taiwan as well. It was a meaningful day to Lee Min Ho as all fans combined together to make a memorable 22nd birthday celebration for him.


Lee Min Ho receiving a birthday present from a cute little girl fan.


Lee Min Ho’s mother was also introduced during his birthday party fan meeting today.


Lee Min Ho’s vocal instructor, K Will, also made special appearance at the event. He complimented on Lee Min Ho and said, “Lee Min Ho’s singing ability has increased significantly over the period.”


Lee Min Ho singing his song “My Everything” to his fans.

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Photos at “Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert” on 2009-06-21 (with thanks to

Korea Fashion – Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun at W Korea Magazine (June 2009 Edition)


More photos of Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun at W Korea Fashion Magazine (June 2009 Edition):

Great charisma!

Korea Fashion – Lee Min Ho vs Kim Jun, Different Charms at Pictorial Shoot (“Who is The Real Flower Boy?”)


 (Translated from newsen)Boys over Flowers” main leads Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun recently came together for a fashion magazine (W Korea) June 2009 edition pictorial shoot. This pictorial shoot was part of Anycall’s Haptic Mission project. In this Anycall’s Haptic Mission project, Kim Jun is as the new employee of Anycall with Lee Min Ho now as the new appeared incoming member. For Haptic promotion, both Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun has done this concept fashion pictorial shoot together.

To check out the behind scenes video of the making of Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun’s fashion pictorial shoot (W Korea June edition), you can go to W Korea homepage @ from 28 May 2009 onwards. You can also catch Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun performing in action at “Haptic Mission” on 28 May 2009. This episode will be aired via MNET Cable TV.

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More photos of the pictorial:

Korea Music – F4 Special Edition Album Receives 30000 Pre-orders (Big Hit Sign Before Actual Release)


(Translated from newsen) F4 (Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Jun) is back together for a topic collection – “F4 Special Edition” album. Their special edition album has received 30000 preorders for the last 25 days. It can be seen here that they have stirred up big hit signs even before the actual release of this album.

After the previous KBS mini series “Boys over Flowers”, it can still be shown vividly that the F4 “hotness” did not cool down. And also, “Boys over Flowers” part 1 OST has sold 10 million copies, part 2 OST selling over 3 million copies. From “Boys over Flowers” OST Part 1 & Part 2 till the recent “F4 Special Edition” album, it can be seen that the drama has raised a big hit and it has also vitalizes the recording industry which is currently undergoing a recession.

The success factors of this special edition album are due to the collection of all 4 members’ things. First of all, from the smiles of the F4 members at the pictorial book to their playful Polaroid photos, they are all packaged inside this DVD luxury case. Also, F4 all members’ first song was introduced. They are namely, Lee Min Ho’s “My Everything”, Kim Bum’s “I Am Going To Meet Her Now”, Kim Hyun Joong’s “Happiness Is” and Kim Jun’s “Empty Bet”.  

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