Korea Fashion – Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Jung in Kolon Sport


(Translated from 브레이크뉴스) Singer cum actor Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Jung who has opened her stardom path due to “Boys over Flowers” drama are selected as the male and female models for Kolon Sport.

An official from Kolon Sport said, “Lee Seung Gi has an appeal to different age groups and he is actively involved as a fixed member in entertainment programme “2 Days 1 Night” and also drama performance. While giving out toughness and fashionable appeal, he also helps in raising our brand image.”

And also, Lee Min Jung who is recognised as a fashionista, gives out a healthy lively beauty image and we are anticipating that she will put in another new charisma into Kolon Sport.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

LOVES the sporty fashion images! <33333 ^^

Korea Fashion – Goo Hye Sun in SOUP Spring 2010 Fashion Pictorial

Goo Hye Sun’s SOUP Spring 2010 fashion pictorial is just released in Korea~!

She gives out cute charms in the fashion pictorial and caught many attention. ^^

LOVES <33333 sweet!! ^^

(credit: 티브이데일리)

Korea Fashion – Checkers Hot Trend

Gongjunim is back in action for more Korea fashion picks~! ^^

As March begins, it is the start of beautiful Spring season too! In Korea fashion scene now, checkers trend is getting increasingly popular. Whether it is blouse, jacket or bottoms, checkers fashion is seen almost everywhere. Gongjunim has picked up 3 checker blouse designs which I think are trendy and cute! Hope you’ll like my fashion picks~!

There will be more fashion picks to come which are not to be missed~! Spring season is definitely a season with beautiful and outstanding fashion in Korea! ^^

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Korea Fashion – Park Shin Hye in Le Coq Sportif Spring 2010 Fashion

Actress Park Shin Hye has transformed into a young girl who gives out the spring scent.

Park Shin Hye digested the latest introduced Le Coq Sportif Spring 2010 fashion – Illustration O Line charmingly.

The full pictorial of Park Shin Hye in Le Coq Sportif Spring 2010 Fashion will be released through March issue of Nylon fashion magazine.

(source: 스타뉴스, translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

LOVES the fashion concept! ❤ ^^

Korea Fashion – Goo Hye Sun at Vogue Girl “Pink Wings” Campaign

In conjunction to Korea’s fashion magazine Vogue Girl‘s 8th anniversary birthday party, the “Pink Wings” Campaign is specially introduced to help needy teenager girls with the sale proceeds from pink items. Many celebrities including Goo Hye Sun have came forward to help in this special pictorial project.

The “Pink Wings” Campaign will run from February 17 to February 28 at Lotte Department Store.

Goo Hye Sun @ Vogue Girl Interview:

Recently I am busy as I am in the midst of directing. After hearing the news that Vogue Girl is having this “Pink Wings” Campaign, I want to participate so I came. I hope most of the small cute pink items which I put on today will be sold off. I really hope more teenager girls to be happy.

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Korea Fashion – Character Winter Pullover Wear

As winter season is coming soon next week, Gongjunim has picked up some latest releases of character winter pullover wear in Korea fashion scene! They are really cute and street fashionable! ^^

I really adore Korea’s winter fashion wear~ (will bring my Korea winter fashion picks soon again~)

Hope you will like my fashion picks!~

Korea Fashion – Lee Min Ho in 2009 Winter Trugen Catalog

Gongjunim exclusively brings you some pictures of Lee Min Ho in 2009 Winter Trugen Catalog! 

In this latest pictorial, he took on several styles from cool to cute to manly (not forgetting his undereye liner).

Enjoy!~ ^^

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