Korea Music – SS501’s Youthful Charisma Comeback on Inkigayo


(Translated from 뉴스엔) SS501 has shown that their youthful charisma was next.

SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Joon) have their comeback performance together on 25th October at “SBS Inkigayo” after 1 year and 7 months. They presented their title song “Love Like This” and also their new ballad song “Only One Day”.

With their refined suits for their ballad song performance, the atmosphere was tailored perfectly and when they brought on their title song performance, they have captured the full attention of their fans. 

In particular, Kim Hyun Joong who was fully recovered from swine flu after treatment has a healthy appearance now. Fans were all relieved to see the moment.

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SS501’s comeback performance at SBS Inkigayo 25.10.09 (“Only One Day” + “Love Like This”):

“Only One Day” is nice!! ❤

Korea Music – SS501 Releases Comeback Title Song “Love Like This” MV Teaser


(Translated from 뉴스엔) Ahead of their comeback for their mini-album “Rebirth” on 24th October, SS501 has just released their title song “Love Like This” MV teaser.

“Love Like This” MV teaser was released on 23th October afternoon through SS501’s official homepage (http://ss501.dspenter.com). Once it was released, it created great reactions among the public. At this MV teaser, only 40 seconds of the video images was released.

As fans have been awaiting for SS501’s comeback, the release of “Love Like This” MV teaser has raised their anticipations and said they can’t wait to watch their comeback stage performance.

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SS501’s “Love Like This” MV Teaser:

Korea Music – SS501 New Album Members Jacket Unveiled


(Translated from 리뷰스타) Boy group, SS501, has unveiled their members’ pictorial jacket for their 20th October comeback on 16th October.

The members’ pictorial jacket unveiled today are for their new mini-album “Rebirth” which is going to be released on coming 20th October. The highlight of this pictorial was each member put on smokey makeup and they showed men charisma inside it.

In addition, their song “Reveal” will be released through various internet music sites. SS501 will also be having their comeback on coming 23th October at KBS “Music Bank”, followed by 24th October at MBC “Show! Music Core” and 25th October at SBS “Inkigayo”.

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Korea Music – Goo Hye Sun’s Sketchbook [Breathe] Album

Goo Hye Sun’s Sketchbook [Breathe] Album Music Track List:

01. Rain
02. 별별이별 (Various Farewell)
03. 밤비소리 (Sound of Night Rain)
04. 향기 (Fragrance)
05. 사랑의 꿈 (Love’s Dream)
06. 골목을 돌면 (Around The Alley)
07. 이별행진곡 (Farewell March)
08. 골목을 돌면 (Vocal Ver.) – 거미 (Around The Alley) Vocal Ver Feat Gummy 

Goo Hye Sun’s Sketchbook [Breathe] music album will be out on 8 September. Do support! ^^

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Let’s now listen to the music tracks which are just released online:

“Around The Alley” (Vocal Ver Feat Gummy):


“Various Farewell”:

“Sound of Night Rain”:


“Love’s Dream”:

“Around The Alley”:

“Farewell March”:

Korea Music – Goo Hye Sun Releases First Composed Album “Breathe”


(Translated from 머니투데이 스타뉴스) Goo Hye Sun has released her first self-composed music album “Breathe” online today.

According to Goo Hye Sun’s agency YG Entertainment on 3rd September, the new song “Around The Alley” was released through online music sites today. This new composed song is to be inserted Goo Hye Sun’s first feature movie. Goo Hye Sun’s first music album contains 8 songs altogether which includes background instrumental music for her movie.

Goo Hye Sun’s first album launch event will be held on coming 5th September in Seoul Olympics Park Art Hall. She will hold a “Over The Rainbow” concert showcase together with Japan new age music master, Isao Sasaki. YG Entertainment artiste, Gummy, is also said to attend this concert event.

Her album will be officially released for sale from 8th September onwards.

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Korea Music – G-Dragon “Heartbreaker” MV Released


(Translated from bnt뉴스) G-Dragon’s new debut song “Heartbreaker” music video is released.

 G-Dragon first solo music album “Heartbreaker” which consists of 10 songs is officially released on 18th August. The music video of title song “Heartbreaker” is also being released today.

The music video director of “Heartbreaker” is the also the same music video director for 2NE1’s hit song “Fire”. At “Heartbreaker” MV, G-Dragon is seen with gorgeous blond hair and many accessories. The MV also shown many sensual images. Inside the MV, G-Dragon shown great charisma with his strong and powerful dance moves.

YG Entertainment said, “In addition to the release of “Heartbreaker” MV, there are 3 other versions which are in the midst of progressing. Hope everyone will have interest in the other music videos too.”

G-Dragon’s first solo music album has reached the top 10 of “Cyworld Music Chart” despite the plagiarism dispute.

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Video of “Heartbreaker” MV:

Goo Hye Sun and Isao Sasaki “Over The Rainbow” Concert Poster

Goo Hye Sun and Isao Sasaki “Over The Rainbow” Concert poster is revealed.

 Goo Hye Sun posted the concert poster via her own minihompy (http://www.cyworld.com/rigolet) on 13th August. Goo Hye Sun has received congratulatory messages from many Korea netizens. They also wished her success in her first concert showcase.

One of the netizens is also cute in her comments, “I want to take part, please give me the application form~~~”

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Let’s support Goo Hye Sun in her first music album launch! ^^