Korea Fashion – Skinny Jeans Trend Continues in F/W 2009


Skinny jeans trend continues to invade Korea fashion scene in F/W 2009. The latest designs are just released. I love their design and cut. ❤ I have picked up 2 of my favourite designs. Hope you all will love my fashion picks! ^^



Korea Fashion – Bling Bling Shoulder One Piece


This new released bling bling shoulder one piece is simply fashionable! It comes in both black and white colours. Both looked stunning! ^^ I love the white one especially when it is coordinated with the skinny jeans! Awesome! ❤



Korea Fashion – Skinny Jeans Trend (Continues)


Skinny jeans trend is still continuing in korea fashion today. The jeans feature is simply hard to resist especially for girls who wish to obtain a flawless figure outline or fashionable style. The current trends in korean skinny jeans which are still going strong are: colourful, denim and black styles. If you wish to stay in tune with the current fashion trend, grab a skinny jeans now too! ❤ ^^



Korea Fashion – Colourful skinny jeans are “IN”!


Colourful is the main element in Korean fashion now! Colourful skinny jeans are the latest “must-have” for korean fashionistas~ ^^ The skinny jeans also come in different designs to perk up the fashion sense. The checkers design is definitely the “loudest” among all. Personally, I like the pink checkers design! It’s cute and can be easily matched with any plain tops!

Stay colourful in this season despite all the glooms around! Cheerios~~ ❤