Korea Buzz – “Emergency” Movie Media Screening

(Translated from 아시아경제) Kim Bum attended the media screening ceremony for movie “Emergency” which is held in Wangsimni CGV at 2pm on November 27.

“Emergency” will be released in all cinemas on December 10.

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The other main leads including Kim Byul, Kim Bum, Director Park Jeong Hun and Lee Chae Young also attended the media screening. 

More pictures at movie “Emergency” media screening:

Korean Movie – Kim Bum’s “Emergency” Official Trailer and Website Released

Kim Bum new movie ” Emergency” official trailer and website are released!

Let’s take a look of Kim Bum’s first attempt of acting as the role of a male host! ^^

For more information, you can visit movie “Emergency” official website at http://www.flyup.kr/.

Video of movie “Emergency” official trailer:

Korea Movie – Kim Bum-Kim Byul-Lee Chae Young “Emergency” Poster 2 Unveiled


The 2nd version of “Emergency” movie poster is unveiled!

In this poster, Kim Bum is seen with the 2 female leads – Kim Byul and Lee Chae Young.

(credit – OSEN, gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Korea Movie – Kim Bum–Bae Soo Bin “Emergency” Poster Unveiled

Actor Kim Bum and Bae Soo Bin’s upcoming new movie “Emergency” is unveiled today!

“Emergency” movie starring Kim Bum, Bae Soo Bin, Kim Byul and Lee Chae Young will be officially released on 3rd December.

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Korean Movie – Kim Bum’s “Emergency” Movie Releasing on 3rd December


(Translated from OSEN) The movie “Emergency” starring Kim Bum, Bae Soo-bin, Kim Byul, Lee Chae Young has confirmed its release date on 3rd December.

In the movie, Kim Bum took on a role who is devoted and only loves one woman. It is said that he will receive a lot of attention through this new movie.

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Looking forward to Kim Bum’s new movie! ^^