Korea Buzz – “Prosecutor Princess” Viewership Goes Up to #2 Place

(Translated from OSEN) There is a late change to the Wednesday-Thursday drama war. SBS “Prosecutor Princess” which has been hanging on the last position all along during this period, has accomplished on raising viewership solely and it has gone up to the #2 place for Wednesday-Thursday drama.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on May 14, “Prosecutor Princess” nationwide viewership rating for May 13 is recorded at 12.1%. As compared to its rating of 10.3% for May 12’s broadcast, it has went up by 1.8% point. This is its own highest viewership ratings record and it is up on the #2 place for Wednesday-Thursday drama.

On the other side, MBC “Personal Taste” has fallen off from the #2 place. “Personal Taste” viewership ratings is recorded at 10.2% which is a 0.7% drop as compared to May 12’s broadcast of 10.9% and it has fallen to the last position for Wednesday-Thursday drama.

KBS 2TV “Cinderella Sister” nationwide viewership ratings is recorded at 16.7% for May 13. As usual, it secured its throne for the #1 place but as compared to 12 May’s broadcast of 17.3%, it has fallen by 0.6%.

In conclusion, “Cinderella Sister” and “Personal Taste” have gone down and “Prosecutor Princess” is the only one which its viewership goes up and it is only at episode 14 where the #2 and #3 places are being exchanged.

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How will it turn out for the final showdown between “Personal Taste” and “Prosecutor Princess” next week? Stay tuned! ^^

Korea Buzz – “Cinderella Sister” Moon Geun Young Has Her First Smile for TaecYeon’s Dance Parade

(Translated from 스타뉴스) KBS 2TV “Cinderella Sister” Moon Geun Young smiled for the first time.

The role “Eun Joo” undertaken by Moon Geun Young at “Cinderella Sister” is the “Ice Princess” whose character is filled with spitefulness and who has the usual expressionless face, going to show her first radiant smile in the coming episode 7 which is going to air on April 21st.

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TaecYeon doing his cute dance:

“Cinderella Sister” Fighting~! Loving this epic drama~! <33333 ^^

Korean Drama – Moon Geun Young at “Cinderella Sister” Filming Site

More BTS pictures of Moon Geun Young at KBS drama “Cinderella Sister” filming site has been released~! Moon Geun Young is seen with bubbly and mature appearance during the filming process. ^^

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Moon Geun Young playing the piano:

More pictures of Moon Geun Young at BTS of “Cinderella Sister”:

Korea Buzz – “Cinderella Sister” Going to Exceed 20% Viewership

(Translated from 뉴시스) With the appearance of 2PM’s TaecYeon together as a whole, KBS 2TV “Cinderella Sister” viewership has raised up to its highest now.

According to AGB Nielsen Media on April 15th, the episode 5 of “Cinderella Sister” which is aired yesterday (April 14th) has a record of 19.1% viewership figure. As compared to 17.7% of viewership at its episode 4 aired on April 8th, the figure has gone up by 1.4%.

On this day, TaecYeon has came out as the grown-up character of “Han Jung Woo”. The dramas which are aired at the same time have narrow rise of viewership too.

MBC “Personal Taste” aired yesterday which shown “Kae In” (Son Ye Jin’s role) undergoes transformation project has a viewership record of 11.8%, and it has went up 0.9% as compared to last week. SBS “Prosecutor Princess” which revealed “Ma Hye Ri” (Kim So Yeon’s role) in fat and glum looks during her younger days has a viewership record of 10.4%, and it has also went up 0.3% as compared to last week.

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Eun Joo and Ki Hoon heartbreaking scene at “Cinderella Sister” episode 5:

Gongjunim: Ki Hoon-Eun Joo-Jung Woo Fighting~! <333333 ^^

Korea Buzz – TaecYeon Makes His First Appearance at “Cinderella Sister”

(Translated from 마이데일리) TaecYeon who has transformed into a actor is finally going to make his appearance in drama “Cinderella Sister”.

In the coming episode 5 of  “Cinderella Sister” which is going to air on April 14th at 9:55pm, TaecYeon is going to make his appearance as the grown-up of the character “Jung Woo”. For the sake of finding “Eun Joo” (Moon Geun Young’s role), he has went to “DaeSung ChamDooKa” (the place where “Eun Joo” works at).

During younger days, the character of “Jung Woo” has commanded splendid accent (saturi). For the sake of his character as “Jung Woo”, TaecYeon has also received personal tutorial from 2PM’s members JunSu and WooYoung who are born from Gyeongsang-Do. It has shown that TaecYeon shown passion towards his first acting debut.

On the other hand, “Cinderella Sister” which has kept a highest record of 18.0% viewership ratings (based from TNms) on its episode 4, may have a breakthrough of 20% viewership ahead.

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“Cinderella Sister” Episode 5 Preview:

(video credit – MsOnlybobo)

Korea Buzz – Moon Geun Young and TaecYeon Showed Dance Enthusiasm at “Happy Together Season 3”

(Translated from 뉴스엔) “Nation young sister” (yeon dongsaeng) Moon Geun Young and 2PM TaecYeon have revealed their splendid dancing skills.

At KBS 2TV “Happy Together Season 3” aired on April 8, Moon Geun Young and TaecYeon have each shown sexy dance skills and 2PM hit songs dance parade. All were made surprised by their dancing skills.

Moon Geun Young who has already shown excellent dance skills in movie “Innocent Steps”, has shown no hesitation once the music is being played. She got up from her seat and shown off extraordinary dance skills through her sexy wave dance.

TaecYeon has danced to 2PM’s hit songs such as “I Hate You”, “Again and Again”, “HeartBeat” and “My Ear’s Candy” etc and has captured the gazes of the female staff present at the recording site.

Other than this, TaecYeon also shown his blasting dance skills to god’s “Place Where You Need To Be” together with passion and received loud applauses.

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Korea Buzz – “Cinderella Sister” Remains Strongest at Wed-Thur Drama

(Translated from 동아일보) KBS2 TV “Cinderella Sister” remains at the winning position in the competition of Wednesday-Thursday dramas which started on March 31.

According to TNmS company on April 2, the nationalwide household viewership figure for the second episode airing for “Cinderella Sister” is at 16.4%. It has defeated “Personal Taste” which is at 11.4% and “Prosecutor Princess” at 8.8% which are also airing at the same time and took on the #1 position.

As compared to the first broadcast on March 31, “Cinderella Sister” has a slight fall of 0.3% from 16.7% to 16.4%. The same applies to “Personal Taste” as it too falls from 12.7% to 11.4%. On the other hand, “Prosecutor Princess” has raised from 7.3% to 8.8%.

The attention is all drawn on whether “Cinderella Sister”, where Moon Geun Young and Seo Woo both have acting transformation, will be able to stay the strongest amidst the other two highly competitive production works, “Personal Taste” and “Prosecutor Princess”.

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Korea Buzz – “Cinderella Sister” Won #1 Viewership on First Broadcast

(Translated from 서울신문) “Cinderella Sister” drama is at all smiles.

The showdown of 3 new Wednesday-Thursday dramas took place yesterday. KBS2 “Cinderella Sister” took on the #1 place on viewership.

On March 31, “Cinderella Sister”, MBC “Personal Taste” and SBS “Prosceutor Princess” has their first broadcast together in line. “Cinderella Sister” which is at the center of many’s anticipation has defeated the other two production works and went up to the #1 place.

According to the total viewership results from AGB Nielsen company on April 1 , the figures shown “Cinderella Sister” has 15.8% record, “Personal Taste” has 12.5% record and “Prosecutor Princess” has 8% record. 

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Korean Drama – Moon Geun Young and Chun Jung Myung at “Cinderella Sister” Filming Site

The BTS pictures of “Cinderella Sister” drama have been released! Korea netizens are widely discussing on the affectionate Moon Geun Young and Chun Jung Myung at the filming site and also on Moon Geun Young is getting prettier.

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More BTS pictures of Moon Geun Young and Chun Jung Myung at “Cinderalla Sister” filming site:

“Cinderella Sister” Fighting~! <333333 ^^ 

Korea Music – “Cinderella Sister” MV Released!

The high anticipating KBS upcoming drama “Cinderella Sister” has just released its MV (music video)! The song title is “너 아니면 안돼” (“If Is Not You, It Is Not Ok”) and it is sang by Yesung of Super Junior.

The song is really nice and the drama scenes look really great. Fighting! ^^

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“Cinderella Sister” MV:

(video credit – Pochipotato)