Korea Fashion – Park Shin Hye in “Oh! Boy” April 2010 issue

Park Shin Hye is being featured in the pictorial at Korea fashion magazine “Oh! Boy” April 2010 issue. She is being praised by Korea netizens for looking just like a doll inside the pictorial and is still just as pretty.

(credit – shinhye.net & gongjunim.wordpress.com) 

Park Shin Hye’s pictorial at “Oh! Boy” April 2010 issue:

Love the fashion concept~! Jjang~! <33333 ^^

Korea Fashion – Park Shin Hye in Le Coq Sportif Spring 2010 Fashion

Actress Park Shin Hye has transformed into a young girl who gives out the spring scent.

Park Shin Hye digested the latest introduced Le Coq Sportif Spring 2010 fashion – Illustration O Line charmingly.

The full pictorial of Park Shin Hye in Le Coq Sportif Spring 2010 Fashion will be released through March issue of Nylon fashion magazine.

(source: 스타뉴스, translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

LOVES the fashion concept! ❤ ^^

Korea Buzz – Rain and Goo Hye Sun Selected as the Best Well-Matched CF Couple by Netizens

(Translated from 디시뉴스) Netizens have selected bakery chain Tours Les Jours models Rain-Goo Hye Sun as the best well-matched CF couple.

Community portal site “DCinside” (www.dcinside.com) did a survey from February 9 to February 16 on “Who is the best well-matched CF couple?” and Rain-Goo Hye Sun are placed on the first position.

Out of the total 6836 votes from netizens, Rain-Goo Hye Sun have obtained 2422 votes (35.4%). Both of them have started out as couple models for Tous Les Jours since last year August and they gave out a friendly yet sophisticated brand image. In particular, instead of the usual strong tough man image, Rain put on cute and mischievious expressions and this met with Goo Hye Sun who acted as a high school student in popular drama “Boys over Flowers”. Both of them have brought out a lovely image for a distinctive bakery brand. 

And also, cosmetics brand Etude House models Lee Min Ho-Park Shin Hye couple are ranked at second position with 1764 votes (25.8%). Last year April, “Goo Joon Pyo” Lee Min Ho has turned into into a sweet romantic guy and made proposal “My Girl” to Park Shin Hye in their first CF. Their refreshed brand image received good responses from young females.

At the third position with 513 votes (7.5%) are Maxim T.O.P models Won Bin-Shin Min Ah couple. Last year June, the kissing scene at their CF has created a topic. And also in the recent “Love Story”, both were seen with further affectionate expressions.

Other than this, following behind in the survey results are Jang Geun Suk-Kim So Eun (Maxim), Lee Seung Gi-Kim Sun Ah (Max), Lee Min Ho-Sandara Park (Cass), Kang Ji Hwan-Lee Na Young (Maxim) etc.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Korean CF – Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in Etude House


Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye new CF for Korea’s beauty brand Etude House is released on 28th August! Let’s take a look at the cute screen shots! ^^

(source credit: 아딸라 + gongjunim.wordpress.com)

Video of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in Etude House new CF:

Korea Buzz – Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Summer Image for Etude House


(Translated from 조이뉴스24) Etude House brand endorsers, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, new summer images are released in pictorial and video.

To commemorate Korea’s first all functions waterproof mascara “Proof 10 Makeup”, the CF filming took place in Thailand. Lee Min Ho is surprisingly turned into a makeup artiste in this video. You can catch his actions inside the CF video.

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s summer pictorial are released  in 4 versions namely, “Sweet Marine Look”, Funny Resort Look”, “Ethnic Look” and “Bling Bling Beach Look”. You can catch the youthful and attractive photos of the summer pictorial through Etude House homepage.

For commemoration of Etude House, from today till 20 July, there is a “Minho-Shinhye’s Thailand Video Event” held at Etude House homepage. Everyone is welcome to participate in this event via the homepage. You can take part by leaving comments down after viewing Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s video.

You can find more information at Etude House homepage.

(translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)


Catch the CF Video here: