Korea Buzz – Goo Hye Sun at “Gallery TLJ” Opening Ceremony Showcase

(Translated from 스타뉴스) Actress cum director Goo Hye Sun participated in the opening ceremony and showcase for gallery “Gallery TLJ” arranged for her at Seoul Gangnam-gu Tous Les Jours Sinsa outlet level 2 on June 23 afternoon.

“Gallery TLJ” is a gallery outlet which is appointed for Tous Les Jours’s CF model Goo Hye Sun who displayed talents in various fields such as movies, arts, music, literature etc.

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 Goo Hye Sun putting up her artwork:

Goo Hye Sun cutting the opening ceremony cake with Seo Hyun Jin:

Goo Hye Sun performing a mini acapella music concert showcase on her movie “Magic” with her band: 

Goo Hye Sun at “Gallery TLJ” Opening Ceremony Showcase:

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Wishing “Magic” will be a big hit~! Fighting~!! ^^

Korea Buzz – Movie “Magic” Media Premiere

(Translated from 스타뉴스) Goo Hye Sun’s directed full length movie “Magic” held its media premiere on June 8 afternoon at Seoul WangSipRi CGV.

Director Goo Hye Sun and all cast including Im Ji Gyu, Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Jeong Wook attended the movie premiere and press conference.

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Director Goo Hye Sun:

Im Ji Gyu:

Seo Hyun Jin:

Kim Jeong Wook:

A cute high 5 between Goo Hye Sun and Im Ji Gyu:

More photos at movie “Magic” media premiere:

Korea Movie – Movie “Magic” Official Trailer is Revealed!

The official trailer for Goo Hye Sun’s first directed movie “Magic” is just revealed! ^^

Enjoy! ^^

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“Magic” official trailer:

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It looks totally interesting~! ^^

Korea Movie – “Magic” Characters Introduction

Due to special request from Aram (LolliDoAlittle), Gongjunim is going to translate the part on the introduction of characters of movie “Magic”.

Director Goo Hye Sun:

Born in 1984 at Incheon, Goo Hye Sun who debuted through CF in 2002 has received public attention through MBC <Non Stop 5>. And she filmed several dramas <Ballad of Suh Dong>, <Pure 19>, <Strongest Chil Woo> etc and accumulated wisdom along constantly. In 2009, through the role “Geum Jandi” at “Boys over Flowers”, she shot to stardom at a since leap. After she rose to stardom, she published her illustration fiction <Tango> and held her illustrations exhibition. She releases music album <Goo Hye Sun Sketch Collection – Breathe> where the songs kept inside are self composed by herself and she feels well on the release undoubtedly. She challenges on movie directing and she made her first short film <The Madonna>. She received success recognition for her debut challenge as her short film was awarded with “Best Audience Award” at the Pusan Asian International Film Festival. Her first full-length movie “Magic” is on glitteringly shining youth’s sensitivity and it is scheduled to be shown on screen.

Jung Woo – Kim Jeong Wook 

“In this world, there are things which I can carry with, there are things which I cannot hold on with as well…”

Jung Woo is a genius music student who has a perfect music pitch and a haggard character. Though it seems like he carries on with everything and is magnificent to every matter, he cannot make his confession to the person who he loves when comes to it. During the little time period left, he burned out all of his passion.

Ji Eun – Seo Hyun Jin

“Be it a mistake, be it a joke, it cannot be with me”

Ji Eun who receives Jung Woo and Myeong Jin’s love. She composes “Magic” (“YooSul”), the last song of the musical recital. She doesn’t shows her heart to any of the two of them easily.

Myeong Jin – Im Ji Gyu 

“To me as well… Can’t you give me the main musical score?”

Genius music student Jung Woo’s close friend. Though he is always hiding in obscurity, he has a strong passion towards music than anyone. While he is jealous of Jung Woo, he wishes to be the same like him too. Jung Woo and him together love Ji Eun.

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A spinning emotions-filled music movie~! Fighting~! <333333 ^^
After translating, my favourite character is Jung Woo~    

Korea Movie – Goo Hye Sun’s First Directed Full Length Movie “Magic” Poster

The poster of Goo Hye Sun’s first debut directed full-length movie “Magic” is revealed through their official movie blog today~! ^^

It looks very artistic and emotions-filled. The poster wrote “Your musical score which the world wants to possess the most”.

Director Goo Hye Sun also inserted her words inside the  “Director’s side corner”. Inside she wrote:

There are 3 youths (men and woman) who have a different love form.
The 3 of them each have inferiority complex along with them.

The thing called youth, is exactly not what it wants to be.
While there is repetition of love and hatred, this is how it goes about making relationship.
Certain consequences will also be brought up through that relationship.
Youth make us love once again.

From a saying from a Germany poem Freiligrath, Hermann Ferdinand.
“If you can love, love just one”

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Goo Hye Sun movie official Naver blog, please click here.

“YooSool” Fighting~! <333333 ^^

Korean Movie – “Magic” Opens in Cinemas on April 22

During late March, Gongjunim has blogged that Goo Hye Sun updated her minihompy and that her first full-length movie will be releasing on April 22. You can read it here. The Korea media has also confirmed on the movie release recently. 

(Translated from Y-STAR) Goo Hye Sun who has received recognition for her talents in directing through her first short film “The Cheerful Caretaker” (“The Madonna”) which is released in 2008, has confirmed the release date for her first full-length movie “Magic” (Production: YG Entertainment │ Distribution: CJ Entertainment │ Director: Goo Hye Sun │ Main Cast: Kim Jeong Wook, Im Ji Gyu, Seo Hyun Jin).

The background setting of Goo Hye Sun’s first full-length movie “Magic” is an arts school. The movie story arises with young musicians and their passion and struggle towards music. And the movie shows the beautiful reflection of the complicated love triangle and mysterious music is depicted inside too.

This time, Goo Hye Sun who played 3 roles from scenario writing, directing to music composing in the making of this movie, has created a big topic even before the actual release of the movie. You can catch Goo Hye Sun’s first directed full length movie “Magic” in coming April 22.

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“Magic” VIP premiere is set to be held on April 12 afternoon~! Hwaiting~! <33333 ^^

Before the movie officially releases, let’s listen again to her movie background song!

Goo Hye Sun “골목을 돌면” (“Around the Alley”):

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Korea Buzz – Goo Hye Sun has All Charms in Being Director or Actress

(Translated from 스타뉴스) Actress Goo Hye Sun has proved her preparedness and determination for her first directed full-length commerical movie.

On February 21 afternoon, Goo Hye Sun held a press conference for her movie “Magic” at Ah Nam Noo Ri, Sae Ra Sae Theatre, located at Goyang City in Gyeonggi-do. Goo Hye Sun expressed, “As there is an estimate for my budget, there are difficulties in the production.” “In spite of this, I have the responsibility to make this movie a genuine one.”

Goo Hye Sun has took on 4 roles in full-scale from directing, scenario writing, music composition to acting in her first directed full-length commerical movie. Goo Hye Sun’s directed short film “The Cheerful Caretaker” (“The Madonna”) has won the Best Audience award in the “Pusan Asian Short Film Festival” and also it is being elected as one of Korean short films to participate in “Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival”. Her short film is also being invited for screening for Japan Yubari Festival which opens in the coming end February and this shows that her talents are widely recognised.

On the filming day, Goo Hye Sun said, “Regardless of drawing pictures, music album or acting, it seems that they all belong to the same field in the making of the movie.” She also expressed, ” The concept plot for my next production work is likely to be a love story.”

On the part that she has all charms regardless of being a director or actress, Goo Hye Sun explained, “After being a director, I seemed to realise more on the acting parts which I did not know before.” She added on, “I do not know how many people will come to watch my movie.” “I hope many people will come to watch.”, she disclosed as a new director.

“Magic” is a movie which talks on young musicians on their love, friendship and sacrifice.

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Goo Hye Sun guiding the male lead, Im Ji Gyu, at the filming spot.

Goo Hye Sun listening on the part played by Seo Hyun Jin. 

Goo Hye Sun together with Seo Hyun Jin, Director Lee Joon Ik and Im Ji Gyu at the press conference.

Gongjunim’s favourite picture of cute Director Goo Hye Sun! ^^   

Goo Hye Sun at her own scene in movie “Magic” (credit: YG Entertainment)

I will support the movie “Magic! So do you? ^^ Fighting Hye Sun! LOVES <33333 ^^

More photos at movie “Magic” filming site: