Korea Buzz – Who are The Best and Worst Idol Fashion?

(Translated from 스타뉴스) Recently, at the second episode of Mnet broadcasted programme “Trend Report FiㄹSeason 5”, they have ranked idol members’ style in “Fun! Best&Worst”.  

As in sequence, the idols with the best style are 1. Big Bang’s G-Dragon, 2. Brown Eyed Girls’ GaIn, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, 4. KARA’s Goo Hara and 5. SHINee’s Key.

On the other side, the idols who being selected with the worst style are 1. So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Yoona, 2. SS501’s Park Jung Min, 3. 2NE1’s CL, 4. T-ara’s Jeon Boram and 5. f(x)’s Amber.

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Some idols do bring on the fashion wave~! Fighting~! ^^

Korea Buzz – Idols Full Force at “Love Korea Dream Concert 2010”

(Translated from 마이데일리) “Love Korea Dream Concert 2010” is held at 7pm (KRT) on today (May 22) at Seoul World Cup Stadium. The emcees for the concert are Kim Hee Chul (Super Junior), Shin Se Kyung and TaecYeon (2PM). Many idols such as Rain, Lee Hyori, Wonder Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae, SS501, Super Junior, 2PM, SHINee, KARA, UKiss, Beast, Child of Empire, T-ara, 4minute, After School, f(x), Davichi, CN Blue, F.Cuz, MBLAQ, Rainbow, Beast etc attended and performed at the event.

“Love Korea Dream Concert 2010” will be broadcasted on May 23 at 4pm (KRT) via SBS.

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Fans’ full dazzling support:

SS501 on performance stage:

More artistes’ photos at “Love Korea Dream Concert 2010”: 

What a great concert show~! <33333 ^^

Korea Buzz – Love Korea “2010 Dream Concert” Tickets Go on Sale Exclusively at GMarket

(Translated from 헤럴드경제 & ) The tickets for Love Korea “2010 Dream Concert” will go on sale exclusively at GMarket (www.gmarket.co.kr) from April 22th to May 20th.

The concert will be held on coming May 22th at 7pm in Seoul World Cup Stadium. There are more than 20 groups of artistes who will be attending this concert and they include Rain, Lee Hyori, Wonder Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae, SS501, Super Junior, 2PM, SHINee, KARA, UKiss, Child of Empire, T-ara, 4Minute, After School, F(x), Davichi, C.N Blue, F.Cuz, MBLAQ, Rainbow, BEAST etc.

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Love Korea “2010 Dream Concert” official website, please click here.
Fighting~! <333333 ^^

Korea Buzz – “Kim Bum Special Screening” Opens in Japan

(Translated from 연합뉴스) Kim Bum who received recognition as the next generation hallyu star is going to hold a special screening of his own starred works in Japan.

The special screening titled “Kim Bum Special Screening” will be held in coming April 25th at National Hall of Pacifico Yokohama. Thriller movie “Death Bell” and MBC drama “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry” will be screened at the event.

Kim Bum will be attending the screening in person. He will do stage greetings and introduce his own works.

On this day after the special screening, Kim Bum will be appearing at the same venue for “Boys over Flowers” event. The cast including Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho and Kim Joon, as well as T-Max and SHINee are scheduled to attend the event.

On the other hand, Kim Bum’s drama “Dream” has started to air on Fuji TV from March 28th onwards.

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Korean Movie – Goo Hye Sun’s “Magic” VIP Premiere

The VIP premiere for Goo Hye Sun’s first directed full-length movie “Magic” will be held tomorrow (April 12, Monday). Gongjunim is getting excited now. ^^ In here, I wish “Magic” will be a daebak (대박 – “a hit”)! It is said that the premiere may be held at CGV Wangsimni, Seoul. Gongjunim will be blogging more on the movie VIP premiere tomorrow. If you wish to know which artistes will be gracing the VIP premiere event, stay tuned to Gongjunim! ^^

The movie will be officially open on April 22! Do not miss Hye Sun’s “Magic”! ^^

Once “Magic” is officially open on April 22, Goo Hye Sun will be leaving for Japan the following day to attend “Boys over Flowers” Last Graduation events (April 24 + 25) held in Yokohama. The other artistes who will attending are Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, T-Max, SHINee and f(x).

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Hye Sun fighting~! <333333 ^^

Exclusive – Korean Drama Concert in Singapore

(Gongjunim is helping her fellow friend in promoting this programme project.)

Good news for all Korean drama/music lovers out there~!

Esplanade is going to present to you a great K-music showcase from various hit Korean dramas such as Boys over Flowers, My Girl, King and I, Witch Amusement, Heading to The Ground, Dream etc…

The person leading this K-music showcase is Korea’s renowned music lyricist/composer/producer – Oh Joon Sung. You can easily find his name inside any of the above listed Korean dramas OST (Original soundtrack)! He’ll be directing his 9-piece band GreenCacao and a 23-piece orchestra specially joined together for this concert. 

There will also be special guest appearances by Bobby Kim, SHINee and Mario&. It is definitely a concert which Korean drama/music lovers should not miss out~!

The concert will be held for 2 consecutive days on Feb 1 & 2 (Mon & Tue) at 7:30pm in Esplanade Concert Hall. The ticket price ranges from S$90, S$110, S$130 and S$150. For more details, you can log on to www.esplanade.com.

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The producer of Boys over Flowers OST 1 – Oh Joon Sung:

He produces the music of the entire OST~! He is truly a remarkable music gem in the Korean music industry! ^^

Korea Fashion – SHINee in Reebok SC Trainer Fashion Collection


Boy group, SHINee, is the endorser for sports brand, Reebok. Catch their ultimate youth in Reebok SC Trainer fashion collection. The concept for this collection is Play with SC Trainer.

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Korea Fashion – Kim So Eun and SHINee in CLRIDE.n F/W 2009 Ad Photoshoot


(Translated from 뉴스엔) Kim So Eun and boy group, SHINee, came together for an ad photoshoot.

Kim So Eun and SHINee were seen at causal wear brand CLRIDE.n F/W 2009 ad photoshoot venue. This is Kim So Eun’s first time joining in as the girl model for this brand. SHINee has been the brand endorser since last season. Despite being new, Kim So Eun’s cheerful personality has brightened up the atmosphere during the photoshoot.

Meanwhile, CLRIDE.n new “S-Campaign” is going to release 3 different themes – “Style-icon”, “Special-chance” and “Slim-price”. The theme “Special-chance” will be the first to be introduced via “August’s Happy Virus” event.

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Video on pictures of Kim So Eun and SHINee during CLRIDE.n F/W 2009 ad photoshoot:

Lee Jun Ki & Song Hye Kyo Voted as Top Hallyu Actor / Actress by Overseas Viewers


Lee Jun Ki and Song Hye Kyo are voted as the top hallyu actor and actress by overseas viewers.

Cable TV channel Arirang entertainment programme “Showbiz Extra” has recently did a voting with 3000 viewers across some countries namely the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, United States and have gathered the following results.

Lee Jun Ki came in first for top hallyu actor category with 37.74% votes. Song Hye Kyo was first for top hallyu actress category with 49.52% votes. It can be seen that Song Hye Kyo holds on strong power to hallyu wave with her almost half of 100% votes. Rain was second in place with 28.95% votes followed by Gong Yoo in the third place with 11.81% votes for top hallyu actor category.

In the top newcomer actor category, Kim Bum came in first with 46.73% votes and Lee Min Ho at second place with 36.03% votes.

In the top female singer category, So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation) came in first with 29.65% votes. BoA came in close at second place with 29.25% votes.

In Asia’s star category, Super Junior defeated their senior Dong Bang Shin Ki and came in first place with 41.9% votes. Dong Bang Shin Ki was at second place with 33.6% votes.

In the top newcomer singer category, SHINee came in first with 57% votes. The second place goes to 2PM (19.7% votes) and third place to FT Island (15.6% votes).

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