Korea Buzz – Stars Spreading Love for “Cartier Love Day” Charity Exhibition

(Translated from bnt뉴스) For the commemoration of “Love Collection”, Cartier has opened up a love exhibition at its boutique located at Seoul Cheongdam-dong on June 4 afternoon.  

In this exhibition, stars will put on Cartier Love Collection’s representative item, Love Summer Bracelet, with their natural appearance. Korea’s national rising stars Rain (Jeong Ji Hoon), Ji Jin Hee, Kim Hyun Joong, U-know Yunho, Kim Hee Sun, Son Ye Jin, Yoona, Yoon Eun Hye, Ha Ji Won, Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Min Ho etc have participated in this “Love Exhibition”.

On this day, for the commemoration of “Love Collection”, Dong Bang Shin Ki U-Know Yunho, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, actor Ji Jin Hee and actress Son Ye Jin have attended the charity exhibition.

On the other side, Cartier “Love Collection” which has been running for its 4th consecutive year, is going to donate all its proceeds from this charity exhibition to the International Vaccine Institute (IVI).

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U-know YunHo:

Ji Jin Hee:

Son Ye Jin:

An all-smiley Kim Hyun Joong:

Stars’ participation at Cartier “Love Collection” Charity Exhibition

Spread your love~! <333333 ^^

Korea Buzz – “Prosecutor Princess” Viewership Goes Up to #2 Place

(Translated from OSEN) There is a late change to the Wednesday-Thursday drama war. SBS “Prosecutor Princess” which has been hanging on the last position all along during this period, has accomplished on raising viewership solely and it has gone up to the #2 place for Wednesday-Thursday drama.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on May 14, “Prosecutor Princess” nationwide viewership rating for May 13 is recorded at 12.1%. As compared to its rating of 10.3% for May 12’s broadcast, it has went up by 1.8% point. This is its own highest viewership ratings record and it is up on the #2 place for Wednesday-Thursday drama.

On the other side, MBC “Personal Taste” has fallen off from the #2 place. “Personal Taste” viewership ratings is recorded at 10.2% which is a 0.7% drop as compared to May 12’s broadcast of 10.9% and it has fallen to the last position for Wednesday-Thursday drama.

KBS 2TV “Cinderella Sister” nationwide viewership ratings is recorded at 16.7% for May 13. As usual, it secured its throne for the #1 place but as compared to 12 May’s broadcast of 17.3%, it has fallen by 0.6%.

In conclusion, “Cinderella Sister” and “Personal Taste” have gone down and “Prosecutor Princess” is the only one which its viewership goes up and it is only at episode 14 where the #2 and #3 places are being exchanged.

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How will it turn out for the final showdown between “Personal Taste” and “Prosecutor Princess” next week? Stay tuned! ^^

Korea Buzz – Will “Personal Taste” Extend Another 4 Episodes?

(Translated from 뉴스엔) The talk on the extension to MBC drama “Personal Taste” starring Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho is bringing up.

“Personal Taste” starring top stars Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho is a production work which revolves topic since its first broadcast. Lee Min Ho’s gay pretense and pure lady Son Ye Jin’s transformation to an otaku has stimulated viewers’ gazes.

“Personal Taste” which is currently broadcasted till episode 10 has an extension talk of 4 episodes. With regards to this matter, at a recent conversation with the production official and Newsen (뉴스엔), the official said, “The talk coming out saying on the extension of 4 episodes is true.” “But now it is not at the publicized stage yet as the main cast are not able to do a concrete discussion.”

At the first place, “Personal Taste” which is a 16-episodes production work is scheduled to end on coming May 27. But if it is going to extend another 4 episodes to a 20-episodes work, it will end on June 10.

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Korea Buzz – Yoon Eun Hye Cameo Appearance for “Personal Taste”

(Translated from 이데일리 SPN) Yoon Eun Hye, the viewership guarantee check, is going to make her cameo appearance for Wednesday-Thursday MBC drama “Personal Taste”.

Yoon Eun Hye will be appearing as Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho’s role)’s past girlfriend in the drama which is going to air in coming April 22th. Yoon Eun Hye is scheduled to join the filming on April 18th.

The broadcasted drama contents on this day will be on “Kae In” (Son Ye Jin’s role) and Jin Ho going for a movie and they met Eun Hye (Yoon Eun Hye) coincidentally and the situation will turn to all three of them going for the movie together.

As Yoon Eun Hye has bonded an affinity with “Personal Taste” drama production company, LeeKim Production, which also produced “My Fair Lady”, she accepted the filming proposal.

It is said that this will add on rising power to “Personal Taste” and more anticipation will be focused on it.

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Yoon Eun Hye Fighting~! Fighting~! <33333 ^^

Korea Buzz – “Cinderella Sister” Won #1 Viewership on First Broadcast

(Translated from 서울신문) “Cinderella Sister” drama is at all smiles.

The showdown of 3 new Wednesday-Thursday dramas took place yesterday. KBS2 “Cinderella Sister” took on the #1 place on viewership.

On March 31, “Cinderella Sister”, MBC “Personal Taste” and SBS “Prosceutor Princess” has their first broadcast together in line. “Cinderella Sister” which is at the center of many’s anticipation has defeated the other two production works and went up to the #1 place.

According to the total viewership results from AGB Nielsen company on April 1 , the figures shown “Cinderella Sister” has 15.8% record, “Personal Taste” has 12.5% record and “Prosecutor Princess” has 8% record. 

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Korea Buzz – “The 46th BaekSang Arts Awards 2010” Winners Unveiled

(Translated from 뉴스엔) This year, the 46th annual BaekSang Arts Awards does not have any unusual change. Actress Go Hyun Jung and “Haeundae” movie director Yoon Jae Kyun held the glory of “DaeSung” together. Go Hyun Jung is awarded the “DaeSung” through her role at drama “Queen SeonDeok” at the TV Section and Director Yoon Jae Kyun is being awarded “DaeSung” for his directed movie “Haeundae”.

◇The 46th BaekSang Arts Awards 2010 Winners List

★ Movie Section
▲DaeSung (Grand Award)= Yoon Jae Kyun (“Haeundae”’s Director)
▲Best Production= “National Athlete”
▲Best Producer= Jang Hoon (“Secret Reunion”)
▲Best New Producer= Lee Ho Jae (“The Scam”)
▲Best Outstanding Actor= Ha Jung Woo (“National Athlete”)
▲Best Outstanding Actress= Ha Ji Won(“Closer to Heaven”)
▲Best New Actor= Lee Min Ki (“Haeundae”)
▲Best New Actress= Jo An (“Lifting King Kong”)
▲Best Screenplay(Best Scenario)= Jang Min Suk (“Secret Reunion”)
▲High One Resort Male Popularity= Jang Geun Suk (“Itaewon Murder Case”)
▲High One Resort Female Popularity= Choi Kang Hee (“Ae-ja”)

★ TV Section
▲DaeSung (Grand Award)= Go Hyun Jung (MBC “Queen SeonDeok”)
▲Best Production (Drama)= KBS 2TV “IRIS”
▲Best Production (Culture)= MBC “Tears of the Amazon”
▲Best Production (Entertainment)= MBC “High Kick Through the Roof”
▲Best Producer= Go Dong Seon (MBC “Queen of Housewives”)
▲Best New Producer= Yoo Hyun Gi (KBS 2TV “God of Study”)
▲Best Outstanding Actor= Lee Byung Hun (KBS 2TV “IRIS”)
▲Best Outstanding Actress= Kim Nam Joo (MBC “Queen of Housewives”)
▲Best New Actor= Kim Nam Gil (MBC “Queen SeonDeok”)
▲Best New Actress= Hwang Jung Eum (MBC “High Kick Through The Roof”)
▲TV Entertainer(Male)= Park Sung Ho (KBS 2TV “Gag Concert”)
▲TV Entertainer(Female)= Kang Yoo Mi Ahn Young Mi (KBS 2TV “Gag Concert”)
▲Best Screenplay= Chun Sung Il (KBS 2TV “Chuno”)
▲ High One Resort Male Popularity= Lee Seung Gi (SBS “Brillant Legacy”)
▲ High One Resort Female Popularity= Yoona (MBC “Cinderella Man”)

★ Special Awards
▲Merit Award= Bae Sam Ryong
▲Instyle Award= Son Ye Jin

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The MCs for this year BaekSang Arts Awards ceremony are Lee Hwi Jae and Kim Ah Joong. The artistes who graced the awards event include Go Hyun Jung, Ha Ji Won, Lee Byung Hun, Kim Nam Joo, Ha Jung Woo, Sun Woo Sun, Son Ye Jin, So Ji Sub, Kim Nam Gil, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Moon Geun Young, Jang Geun Suk, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Min Jung, Seo Woo, Jo An, Lee Min Ki, Choi Kang Hee, Park Bo Young, Yoona, Hwang Jung Eum, Shin Se Kyung, Kim Ji Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Yoon Shi Yoon, Choi Daniel etc.

Here are some videos of “The 46th annual BaekSang Arts Awards 2010”:

Video cap of the red carpet ceremony held before the awards ceremony:

Lee Min Ho and Yoona presenting TV Section “Best New Actor Award” and “Best New Actress Award” + Kim Nam Gil and Hwang Jung Eum’s award acceptance speech:

Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young presenting TV Section “Best Outstanding Actor Award” and “Best Outstanding Actress Award”:

Jang Geun Suk’s award acceptance speech for “Male Popularity Award” (Movie Section):

Lee Seung Gi and Yoona’s award acceptance speech for “Male Popularity Award” and “Female Popularity Award” (TV Section):

So Nyeo Shi Dae’s special stage performance of “Run Devil Run”:

Minho is looking great with a refreshed look at the red carpet ceremony:

More photos at the red carpet ceremony:

Looking forward to the BaekSang Awards next year~! Fighting~! <3333333 ^^

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Korea Buzz – MBC Upcoming Drama “Personal Taste” Press Conference

(Translated from 마이데일리) The press conference for MBC upcoming new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Personal Taste” is held today at Seoul Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hannam-dong. The main cast including Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Wang Ji Hye and Im Seulong attended the press conference. “Personal Taste” will air from March 31 onwards on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55pm via MBC channel.

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The main cast cheering together with the drama producer – Son Hyung Suk PD-nim.

Gongjunim has selected 3 classic photos of Lee Minho at “Personal Taste” drama press conference today:

A sneezing and coughing Minho (“Please take care!”):

A pouting Minho (“The cutest look today!”):

A shy Minho (“I love to touch my hair! As usual. ^^”):

More photos at “Personal Taste” press conference held today:

“Personal Taste” Fighting~! ^^

Korea Buzz – Goo Hye Sun Attends 7th AISFF Opening Ceremony


(Translated from 뉴스엔) The opening ceremony of the 7th “Asiana International Short Film Festival” took place this evening (5th October) at 6:30pm in Seoul Jongno-gu Cinecube, Gwanghwamun. Goo Hye Sun attended the opening ceremony in director basis.

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Goo Hye Sun is seen here having a handshake with actress, Son Ye Jin, who is also part of the jury for 7th “Asiana International Short Film Festival”.

More pictures of Goo Hye Sun at the 7th  “Asiana International Short Film Festival” opening ceremony: