Korean CF – Goo Hye Sun ShinHan Financial Group CF Version 3 Released!

The 3rd version of Goo Hye Sun’s ShinHan Financial Group CF is released!

Catch Goo Hye Sun’s cute expressions at the last part of the CF! ^^


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Goo Hye Sun ShinHan Financial Group CF version 3:

Korea Buzz – Won Bin, Bong Joon Ho, Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho Supports “Good Downloader” Event


(Translated from OSEN) Star actors and directors have come together for “Good Downloader” event.

To bring about the correct manner in downloading and enjoying film, the “Good Downloader” campaign was introduced (Sponsors: Korean Film Festival, Anti-Piracy Council for Film) after the declaration made during the ceremony at Pusan International Film Festival. A formal event will be held at Seoul Lotte Cinema Myeongdong Avenue at 10th November.

10 significant Korea stars will come together in support for the event “Good Downloader Supporters Day”. They are Director Jang Jin and Goo Hye Sun, Director Bong Joon Ho and Won Bin, Director Park Chan-ok and Im Soo Jung, Director Park Gwang Choon and Kim Soo Ro, Lee Min Ho, Park Bo Young. There will be a total of 10 stars and directors and they will be divided into 4 teams to participate in this event.

On that day, after the screening of movies like “Our School ET”, “Mother”, “I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Ok”, “Good Morning President”, “The Cheerful Caretaker”, there will be a Q & A event held.

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Korea Buzz – Directors Yoo Ji Tae-Goo Hye Sun-Ryu Hyun Kyung To Hold “A Conversation with Audience” on 6th November


(Translated from 마이데일리) The 7th “Asiana International Short Film Festival 2009” has prepared a special event in-line which caught the attention of awaiting audience.

In the special programme “Theme 1 – Communication & I” held at Seoul Jongno-ro Cinecube on 6th November, there will be a special event open where 6 directors members are invited for a dialouge session titled “Cinema Talk” on their short films.

The directors participating in this special event includes actor-turned director Yoo Ji Tae, Goo Hye Sun and Ryu Hyun Kyung, Seo Seung Man, Min Byeong Guk and Park Sang Joon.

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Korea Buzz – Kim Hyun Joong Leading in Votes at “2009 Style Icon Awards”


(Translated from 조선일보) “Cyon and New Chocolate” presents [2009 Style Icon Awards], had a intense voting situation between netizens last weekend.

As there are still remaining 2 weeks to the awards ceremony on 11th November, fans are competing strongly for their favourite star for the place of “Best Popular Icon” in [2009 Style Icon Awards].

In fact, up to last week, the place of 1st and 2nd went to “Boys over Flowers” male leads, Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho respectively. However, due to the massive voting from Super Junior’s fanclub, Lee Min Ho is being pulled down to the 3rd place. Super Junior now takes in the 2nd place and is currently behind Kim Hyun Joong. Up to 26th October, Kim Hyun Joong is at 1st place with over 60000 votes and Super Junior at 2nd place with over 20000 votes. Lee Min Ho is at 3rd place and G-Dragon is at 4th place.

Voting Results up to 26th October for [Best Popular Icon]:


1st: Kim Hyun Joong
2nd: Super Junior
3rd: Lee Min Ho
4th: G-Dragon
5th: SS501
6th: Lee Seung Gi
7th: Goo Hye Sun
8th: So Nyeo Shi Dae
9th: Brown Eyed Girls
10th: 2PM

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Korea Movie – Kim Bum–Bae Soo Bin “Emergency” Poster Unveiled

Actor Kim Bum and Bae Soo Bin’s upcoming new movie “Emergency” is unveiled today!

“Emergency” movie starring Kim Bum, Bae Soo Bin, Kim Byul and Lee Chae Young will be officially released on 3rd December.

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Korea Music – SS501’s Youthful Charisma Comeback on Inkigayo


(Translated from 뉴스엔) SS501 has shown that their youthful charisma was next.

SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Joon) have their comeback performance together on 25th October at “SBS Inkigayo” after 1 year and 7 months. They presented their title song “Love Like This” and also their new ballad song “Only One Day”.

With their refined suits for their ballad song performance, the atmosphere was tailored perfectly and when they brought on their title song performance, they have captured the full attention of their fans. 

In particular, Kim Hyun Joong who was fully recovered from swine flu after treatment has a healthy appearance now. Fans were all relieved to see the moment.

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SS501’s comeback performance at SBS Inkigayo 25.10.09 (“Only One Day” + “Love Like This”):

“Only One Day” is nice!! ❤

Korea Buzz – Lee Min Ho’s Etude House Singapore Promo Trip

(Translated from 스포츠조선) Lee Min Ho’s Etude House promotion has continued from Taiwan-Singapore-Malaysia.

After ending the promo trip on 23th October in Taiwan, Lee Min Ho has arrived in Singapore on 24th October noon. It was a hectic breatheless schedule.

After arriving at 1pm, he headed to the hotel from the airport and had a press conference at 2:30pm for 1 hour duration inside a hall at Raffles hotel.

At around 3:40pm, he headed for the fanmeeting session at Etude House outlet located at Plaza Singapura, a shopping mall located at central Singapore. But as fans started to surround outside Etude House store from 2pm, there were around 3000 fans in the mall and the situation became chaotic. Over 30 security personnel were there to control the situation. At 4pm, the organizer has decided to call off the fanmeeting promotional event due to safety and security reasons. They said, “If Lee Min Ho was to appear, there may be inevitable risk of accidents happen.” When the notification of cancellation of event was announced, Etude House gave away around 2000 file folders printed with Lee Min Ho’s image and facial cottons in way of apology to appease the disappointed fans.

At 5pm, Lee Min Ho headed to a famous club, St James Power Station, to have his private fan sign event. After his official schedule ended at 7pm, he headed to a famous Korean restaurant to have his dinner. Only his manager, stylist and staff were inside the dining room. There were 2 security personnel on guard outside the room and only 2 restaurant staff were allowed in.

They have spent 2 hours inside the dining room and “Scissors, Paper, Stone” game sounds and laughters were heard non-stop. The restaurant person-in-charge said, “They were playing “Scissors, Paper, Stone” game and the loser will need to eat lettuces with mustard sauce as penalty.”

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Lee Min Ho arriving at Singapore Changi Airport:


Korea Music – SS501 Releases Comeback Title Song “Love Like This” MV Teaser


(Translated from 뉴스엔) Ahead of their comeback for their mini-album “Rebirth” on 24th October, SS501 has just released their title song “Love Like This” MV teaser.

“Love Like This” MV teaser was released on 23th October afternoon through SS501’s official homepage (http://ss501.dspenter.com). Once it was released, it created great reactions among the public. At this MV teaser, only 40 seconds of the video images was released.

As fans have been awaiting for SS501’s comeback, the release of “Love Like This” MV teaser has raised their anticipations and said they can’t wait to watch their comeback stage performance.

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SS501’s “Love Like This” MV Teaser:

Korea Buzz – Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum and Goo Hye Sun Came To Support Kim Joon’s Musical


(Translated from 뉴스엔) “Boys over Flowers” cast members have shown that there are more beauty in their friendship than flowers.

KBS 2TV “Boys over Flowers” main cast Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum and Goo Hye Sun were seen together on 21st October attending Kim Joon’s first musical attempt “The March of Youth”. It was also the last performance day where Kim Joon finished his 3 months of musical filming.

As Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum and Goo Hye Sun made a surprise visit to Kim Joon’s last day of musical performance without initial saying, he was totally astounded. The three of them sat through and watched the musical for 2 hours. After the musical, they went to the dressing room to say encouragement words to Kim Joon. The official said, “Although it has been a long time, one can still feel their warm friendship between each other.”

After finishing the last musical show, Kim Joon expressed, “As i need to digest the musical performances through my hectic schedule, i felt there are still many insufficient areas. Throughout these 3 months, being able to be with the audience and my fans, i felt very happy. Though it was tough, it seemed that i am filled with more confidence now after leaving this theatre.”

After this musical, Kim Joon will start with his music promo activities together with T-Max members. T-Max will visit Vietnam on 23th October and are in the midst of planning on their overseas visit to HongKong, Singapore and Japan.

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Korea Fashion – 2NE1 at W Korea Fashion Pictorial Released


2NE1 has took on a gangster pictorial fashion shoot together with Korea fashion magazine, W.

2NE1 in gangster fashion pictorial will be released through W fashion magazine November issue. You can also check out the filming scenes behind the fashion shoot through W official homepage from 26th October onwards.

(source: 뉴스엔, translation copyrights credit – gongjunim.wordpress.com)